Why we use only Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

We believe in the power of the essential oils in plants to deliver a multitude of benefits and the fact that they bring healing and maintain health. The unique composition and character of essential oils is not commonly found in text books nor is it part of the curriculum of any universities that we are aware of, but it is a very important part of every product that we make.

While in today’s marketplace where we find the people (our customers) who look for unprocessed environmentally-friendly products it’s becoming more common for the consumer to demand 100% ecological products, and this is where we aim SkinLikes.

We love nature and all that it has to give us. We cherish the small, artisan suppliers who provide us with the natural given ingredients that we use and we are proud that we continue every day to strive to be the most natural skincare company to be found.

Many suppliers will use the fragrance of the essential oil as their only criteria, but the sad thing is that much of this can be man-made and has absolutely no medicinal benefit. Toothpaste for example will have mint or spearmint flavour added to it. Yet this fragrance (flavour) is man-made completely in a factory and to try and fool us in thinking it is real and trying to fool our olfactory senses (sense of smell), while none of the ingredients have never seen a green field.

Why we call them Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

When we source essential oils our first criteria is to ensure that it contains all of the plant materials and the elements necessary for it to be therapeutic. In this way, we can be certain that the essential oil will deliver the ‘known therapeutic activity’ of that, particular named essential oil. Without this, the oil is useless and will have no healing value.

The artisan suppliers that we have used for many years care about the end-user as much as we do. With every batch of oil that we buy, we receive a gas-chromatography certificate that tells us exactly what sorts of terpines, sequi-terpines, phenols and other elements we would expect to find in any of the oils we use and in what quantity. Thus we are certain that what we buy is pure, steam-distilled and God-given.

With essential oils there is a world of difference in quality, going from one grower to another, so it’s important that we have some way of conveying that ideal to our customer. We don’t believe that we need government oversight to tell us that we can call an essential oil sought out, using strict guidelines, based on therapeutic reference, and activity, a therapeutic grade essential oil. But there are a lot of businesses out there in the marketplace who will add simple olive oil to essential oils to bulk it out and improve their profit, while trying to pretend that they are selling the real thing.

But we have a have a passion for what we do, and have taken the time to learn about essential oils. When a customer buys her lavender essential oil at her local store because it smells good, and she got a good price, but with due apology, she has given no regard for the growing conditions, climate, soil conditions and treatments, time of harvest, or species, all of which lead to the chemical composition, and determine whether, or not, it will have the therapeutic activity that is reported for.

This is sad, for in a way the public are being duped. Often it’s not the fault of the shopkeeper, as simply stated they don’t have access to the test results that we demand for every purchase that we make.

It is important, that it be understood that essential oils are resources created by nature which don’t need to be and don’t benefit from further engineering at the time of processing. As with anything in nature these may change from season to season and batch to batch as nature very seldom does anything exactly the same, all the time. Just look at the winter weather that we are having recently where the frost and snow that we were used to for many years have been replaced by rain and wild winds.

Thus if you buy a product from SkinLikes, then you can rest assured that we have done everything in our power to ensure that it is prepared with care and honesty and contain the health-giving essential oils that are as pure as nature made them.