Why we don’t sell on Amazon

Our Employees:

  1. Everyone who works at SkinLikes is an individual who cares.
  2. We never force a smile – ours are real.
  3. We are all kind and helpful – and it’s a happy team effort every day.
  4. Our values include humility, collaboration, selflessness, and transparency.
  5. We have a wonderful mix of seasoned veterans and eager young professionals all learning from each other.
  6. We’re people who need to earn a living, who want to have meaningful jobs, and who care about the freedom to build a business.

Our Customers:

  1. Voice matters – and that’s why our customers can call us and speak to a friendly voice.
  2. We don’t charge you £79 as an annual fee for simply being our valued customer.
  3. We don’t send you a tube of our lotion in a cardboard box the size of a small animal farm.
  4. We don’t get complaints about the recycled paper that we use for wrapping and posting.
  5. We use Royal Mail first-class post for deliveries to your door on foot.

Our suppliers:

  1. We support small businesses (our suppliers) and the jobs that they create.
  2. We don’t haggle over the prices they charge and we pay before delivery.
  3. We don’t charge our suppliers 35% fee of the value of everything they sell us.
  4. We care what will we leave for our grandchildren – and this includes shops on the high street.

The World:

  1. We don’t increasingly control the underlying infrastructure of the economy.
  2. We don’t threaten the revenue streams and social capital that local communities depend on to function.

Some writing by others:

  1. https://ilsr.org/amazon-stranglehold/
  2. https://time.com/5629233/amazon-warehouse-employee-treatment-robots
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2020/feb/05/amazon-workers-protest-unsafe-grueling-conditions-warehouse

Last but not least:

A nation of 9.66 million people (Hungary) has just a little more money than one man – Jeff Bezos ($198.36bn). We donate what we can to Mary’s Meals, who provide lunch to about 1.7m of the world’s poorest children – every day. www.marysmeals.org