Water Quality in Cosmetics

Is your health at Risk?

Personal Care Magazine (PCM) wrote today (23 April 2020) that “Water Quality Is More Than Skin Deep.” https://www.personalcaremagazine.com/story/32510/water-quality-that-is-more-than-skin-deep

They went on to speak about the world-wide problems that skincare companies have when sourcing pure, clean water – and the extraordinary lengths they are going to just to get it. It is after all, the very first ingredient of many skincare products, and in many places in the world, sourcing is a problem, but what are the challenges?

WaterPCM go on to write “Water is one of the most important and widely used ingredients in the production of cosmetic and personal care products. The European Cosmetics Regulations require that all products manufactured for use in the EU must comply with the ISO 22716 Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as standard”

It’s scary stuff to read and something that we have studied carefully for a number of years. However, we realise that perhaps not all women with busy lives at work, or busy mums at home have time to give a thought to or question water quality in skincare. So, we thought that to help, we would write some words.

The problem with water and indeed all of the ingredients that manufacturers use is in skincare is that the rules of manufacture are in real terms, very loose. Leaving it up to the manufacturer to define the quality level of water used in its products (that makes up 75% approx.) of any oil-in-water emulsion leaves it open to abuse. Added to this, we have in some cases, a list of 50 or so ingredients with unpronounceable names, that few of us understand being incorporated in cornucopias that are at times little better than ‘snake-oil’. And thus, taking everything into consideration, we must beg the question – in all of this, is the health of the customer at risk?

Microbial contamination, it seems from what we read, is a major, world-wide problem (read what the WHO has to say about this https://www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/drinking-water)

The chief concern for any business in the skincare industry should be the safety of the products it produces and more importantly the health of its customers. But is it? Is making a profit at any cost, the panacea for skincare companies world-wide – or indeed are we being unfair?

In west Scotland, Ayrshire (where we are located), we are fortunate to have some of the finest water in the world. We don’t take this for granted though and run it through a further purification process that we have on-site to remove any traces of chlorine and indeed anything microscopic that should not be there, such that in the end we have a water that is to a very, very high-quality. The fact that it is ‘soft water’ is of course and added bonus. Read our article: https://www.skinlikes.co.uk/softer-water/

Covid-19: Now that this terrible virus has focussed the minds of the consumers who have undergone a ‘black swan’ event, it has overturned life as we know it. – and it will shape consumer trends for years to come by changing consumer patterns and shopping questions such as – who sells what? Do they tell the truth? Is it smart advertising? These may well be the questions in women’s groups in the weeks, months and years ahead, rather than the exception.

Rather than paying a £fortune for a little jar of something exotic that promises the earth and delivers little other than being a status symbol in a hand-bag; women will look for the honesty and decency to be found at brands such as SkinLikes – where honesty, value for money and customer satisfaction is key.


PCM write that “Ultimately, for cosmetics manufacturers the decision about the level of water quality will be based on a need to balance costs with risk.”

We think that this is pretty awful statement. Surely that no matter what cosmetic or skincare product you purchase, you should have the right to expect that it is clean, pure and honestly made.

Perhaps though, Covid-19 is going to awaken women to the fact that health should come before beauty when selecting anything that is to be applied to their own skin?
It’s the largest organ in your body.
You only get one of them in your life.
It keeps infection out and it keeps the rest of you in.

Perhaps it’s a time to consider more carefully, just why a skincare should be applied to your skin. After all, it’s your Skin-Ego!!