Walking is a (man’s and a woman’s) best medicine

Here’s 10 reasons why

  1. Brain boosting: Low impact aerobic exercises reduce the risk of early dementia and alzheimer’s disease. Physically active people are much less prone and it reduces stress and releases chemicals for brain health.
  2. Improved eyesight – Surprised? Walking helps fight glaucoma by reducing pressure on the optic nerve.
  3. Prevention of heart disease: You are probably already aware of this, but walking is just as good as running. Lowers high blood pressure and cholesterol and improves circulation.
  4. Increased lung capacity: Deeper breathing helps removes toxins.
  5. Improve digestion: Lowers risk of colon cancer, improves digestion and improves bowel movements.
  6. Toned muscles: 10,000 steps a day are just as good as session at the gym. Swing your arms when you walk. Low impact = no sore muscles.
  7. Sturdier bones and joints: Reduces the risk of fracture and reduces pain and stiffness in joints, and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.
  8. Back pain relief: Low impact activity won’t cause more pain activity. Better blood flow improving posture and stability
  9. A calmer mind: If mind and body are connected, then this is right on our list. Walking five days a week improves depression symptoms + helps if just feeling down and exhausted.
  10. The fit formula – don’t do too much at first. Build it up 5 minutes at a time – but do it regularly. You must be able to talk while you walk.

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