The Truth about your Arthritis Product

In our fast-moving world these days, it does seem that advertising is full of clever words and catchy pictures, but we have to ask, is this fair and reasonable? Are advertisers with little regard to honesty out to entice us to buy at any cost, or indeed are there actually sellers who tell the truth?

Everyday skin-care lotions, hand soaps and shower gels and other ‘cure-alls’ look enticing with pictures of beautiful fruits and herbs extracts on the label, but all too often the active ingredients listed on the label are used in minuscule quantities while proportionally the chemicals with unpronounceable names that few of us can understand, are the ones that are used to the max, and they aren’t in any way the ones supporting the selling point.

The daughter of a customer wrote to us recently. She told us that her elderly mother uses a lot of SkinLikes Joint-Ease and finds it beneficial. Being the sensible woman that the daughter is, she had read through the ingredients that we use in our product and concluded that while the ingredients were in her words ‘nothing particularly special’, she went on to say that ‘oddly enough it seems to do the trick for her mum’s discomfort’. She went on to tell us that her mum had tried other products for leg and foot joint pain and cramps that her mum suffered from, but with not much success.

We were very pleased to receive the letter, we are proud of what we produce from our list of plant-based, mostly organic ingredients and every day since we began trading in 2004 we have been a success we think because of our honesty and integrity. But much of this success is down to you – the happy customer.

Our aim is to be the best and most-natural skin and health-care product manufacturer to be found anywhere and for this reason, we have spent much of the last year perfecting our new, organic recipes. The efforts that we put into making our products the best they can be, are the benefits that we offer to you.

Recently a doctor phoned the office and asked about the shelf-life of our product and if it may like others she had purchase elsewhere ‘go a bit watery’. She asked us what ‘chemical’ we would use to keep the oil and water mix together. We were a bit taken aback as it’s not the sort of question we often get asked, but our answer was to let her know that of course all the ingredients are clean and organic and it’s the use of clever emulsifiers, combined with the right balance of ingredients (as we found out in our university research) that hold the recipe together.

Food Grade Preservatives

We went to on the add that we include food-grade preservatives in everything that we use (if it’s good enough to into the food that you eat – then surely it safe to put on your skin!), but we went on to say that we keep a reserved sample of every batch that we make. Some of them have been on the shelves in our laboratory for several years – and they sit there just as happy as they did when we first made them. In all honesty though, we did admit that we had a problem with one batch that became a bit watery after some moths and that this became the catalyst for us to change to every ingredient being plant-based or organic.

What the doctor did find of interest was the fact that it’s the organic plant-based therapeutic essential oils that we use as the active ingredients that are the clever bit. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years and this is where we have much expertise. Not many years ago in Egypt, when a tomb was opened, the scientists found some stone jars with tar-cloth for lids. When they opened the jars in the laboratory, much to their amazement they found that they contained essential oils.

Even more surprising to the scientists, but not to us, was the fact that the oils worked today just as well today as they did when they had been placed in the jars all those years ago – and probably the reason why the mummified bodies embalmed in essential oils have lasted so long. The doctor was satisfied with our explanation and told us that she would just carry on using the product. She has in the last week ordered fresh supplies.

So, what do we offer: 

  • Completely clean, organic ingredients.
  • No nasty chemicals.
  • Honest, free advice on arthritis and other health issues.
  • Free delivery by Royal Mail – 1st Class.
  • Risk free guarantee – return the product and we will refund your payment.
  • And perhaps most important of all – Truth in Advertising.

Before we finish:

We must remind you that our skin is the largest eliminatory organ in the body. It is a two-way membrane. Toxins are eliminated through the skin via perspiration but everything that you put on it is absorbed through the skin into the body’s circulation system, and into you. It’s as though every square inch of your skin is like a thousand open mouths, absorbing into the body what you put on it. So that’s why it is important that we sell you products that are clean – and you read the label and have a think about what you put on your skin with everything else that you use. After all, we only get one body, so it’s best to look after it.