Treating restless legs and muscle cramps

Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a bit of a nuisance when all you want to do is to sleep peacefully. The continuous craving to move your legs in an effort to relive the awful irritating feeling inside the legs that’s half way between itchy and scratchy is terrible, and especially so when these involuntary twitching movements can go on through the night. The sensations can be felt under the sole of the foot, in the calf or even in rarer occasions above the knee, or it can display simply as cramp.

Leg cramps are commonplace and usually unhazardous but at times they can be very painful. They seem to happen for no reason, but after the cramps (spasms in the muscles that cause them to shorten) have passed, the symptoms of soreness and tenderness can remain for several hours. It is painful and if it’s the first time that you are experiencing it, it can give you a scare. Oddly, it leaves you wanting to stretch your leg to take the get rid of it, but afraid to do so for the fear that it will make it worse.

What causes it?

Causes of cramps can be pregnancy, lack of exercise, and certain types of medication such as those to lower cholesterol (statins), iron deficiency and liver disease. A visit to your GP will alleviate these worries but usually we find that after checking out any medical conditions, your GP won’t be able to offer any help other than to suggest that you should take more exercise during the day, cut down on tea, coffee and alcohol and ask a partner to massage your legs.

These suggestions are all very well, but we can just imagine what kind of reaction you would get by waking your partner from slumber at three o’clock in the morning and asking her or him to massage your legs. If you are an older person, then exercise may well be out of the equation. In all, it’s a troubling situation. However, help is at hand.

So, what can we do to help?

We developed Muscle Ease some years ago in response to customers (athletic people) who had problems with lactic acid build-up in the muscles that causes painful cramp. Lactic acid builds up as you exercise and it’s the reason why you will see athletes collapsing at the end of a hard and fast race, the muscles fibres seize up and they can run no longer. We knew that there were some specific essential oils that would help resolve this muscle problem, but as there were several to pick from, we set up some research in our laboratory to test out what may be best. Making a product like this involves a number of things. First, we start with purified Scottish water, and then we add the organic oils from Grapeseed and Passion Flower together with emulsifiers, preservatives and thickeners made from seaweed. Then we add the blend of plant-based therapeutic essential oils selected. Many of these oils that have been famed for hundreds of years for their abilities to overcome muscular problems and for this reason are the active ingredients in this, and indeed in every product we produce.

Muscle Ease works after gently massaging it into the skin. The white base lotion is a terrific moisturiser and the essential oils that oils are carried in it are microscopically absorbed through the skin layers.  The skin is the largest organ in the body and a bit like a sponge it will, very quickly absorb anything that you put on it. By applying it before and after exercise our athletic customers (and even some famous football and rugby players) found that by doing so, the muscles are much less tight or painful. Recovery time the next day, even with some people who have run marathons has been hugely quicker. But not all of us are athletes and some of us will get muscles spasms, cramp and restless legs even if we sit and do nothing.

And so it was, the reputation for the product grew, and other customers started to buy it – and to tell us of the wonderful things that it did for them. It’s reputation to help restless legs and muscle cramps grew as did the lovely letters of thanks that we have received from happy customers. The nice thing is that this product doesn’t have any contra-indications and is gentle and safe for use by anyone (except if you are pregnant). It has a refreshing aroma, brings deep relaxation and is tremendous at relieving muscle spasm and physical tension. Best applied ten minutes before going to bed, it will aid a good night’s sleep and at least then you won’t have to awaken your partner at three in the morning to ask for help.

Pregnancy:  We recommend that you should not use stimulants (essential oils) such as those that are in this product in the first three months of pregnancy. We are aware that in the later months of pregnancy women do get troubled with restless legs – and especially in the last few weeks. The percentage of oils that we use in this product as with most of our products requires a very low dosage to make them work but we want to be on the safe side of things, so before using a product such as this, if you are pregnant and have any queries, please call the office and Jim or Sheila will be happy to discuss and to help.

Freephone Office Number: 0800 023 6252

New Product Development

We are looking forward to receiving our new tube-filling and crimping machine from a manufacturer near Warsaw in Poland (hopefully before the Brexit date of 31st October). The eco-friendly tubes that we will use will be made with plastic manufactured from sugar-cane waste. It will take a few weeks after this to set up the machine and receive the tubes, but from then we will launch an exciting new range of clean, organic skin-care products. This has been a huge investment for us, but it’s the big step forward that we wish to make for the company.

Best wishes to you all.

Jim & Sheila and the team at SkinLikes