Tibetan Meditation & Planet Rock

If you don’t have blackout curtains in your bedroom, the chances are that on summer mornings such as we are having just now, the sun shines through the curtains very early. Sometimes I am awakened by this, my rest is disturbed and at four or five in the morning I cannot get back to sleep. I have tried all sorts of meditation to help with this, but have settled on some wonderful – Tibetan morning chanting. It can be found on YouTube below.

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The problem with most of us is that we are programmed to do what we do in the morning automatically, we check our emails, we look at the news, we start to think of all that has to be done in the day ahead, and in all of this the brain starts to whirr. Its already off and running and no matter what you do to stop it, the thoughts and plans for the day keep coming.

However, with the earpieces in place, I turn the volume down such that I can just hear the Tibetan chants, I lay back and listen. I have tried all sorts of meditation and have some favourites at night that get me over to sleep, but, I never thought that I would be doing something like this in the morning. However, the results are great. The singing is great and very clever (as you will find). I focus on the words the monks sing (even though I don’t understand what they mean) and by making the words the centre of activity for my brain, I block out all of the other thoughts for the day. I usually fall back asleep, to be awakened later by my alarm when I then arise fresh and ready for the day ahead.

Then it’s time for Planet Rock. Despite loving and being surrounded by all things natural in my life, I do like a bit a rock music as I get ready in the mornings. I don’t listen to the station with high volume as this is not good of the ears. Instead, I have turned the volume down so that I can just hear it and no more. In this way, I am training my ears to listen carefully to what’s being played – and in this I am convinced that I am helping my hearing.

This is not the sort of newsletter that I normally write, but as it’s something that is part of my routine – I hope, something that helps you too.