Think Big and Shop Small at SkinLikes – (and others like us).

We reckon that it is more important than ever just now, to think and shop more local, by supporting businesses you know and taking advantage of the benefits that shopping local has on the economy; and in this little article, we give 5 quick reasons for your consideration.

  1. Transparency

Shopping small provides complete transparency in the processes and ingredients used, so rather than purchasing products with lists of ingredients on labels that that you can’t pronounce, never mind puzzle out why they are being included, we have complete transparency about every natural, organic, ethically sourced and sustainable ingredient we use.

Your safety and health are of upmost importance to us here at SkinLikes, and we want you to place your trust in us as experts in what we all should use on and in the body, with an important part of this being animal testing, which is something that we abhor, and which has never been used when producing any of our ingredients or products.

  1. Meeting the maker

We believe most importantly that customers should know that a whole lot of passion and love has gone into every aspect of our business and what we produce, so please free to contact us directly via social media platforms, email or free phone to chat to us about our products. We greatly value the feedback that allows us to spread the word of our business even more. By shopping small with us, you know exactly who has made the products you purchase – and why.

  1. You are championing artisanal craft

Through shopping with smaller, local manufacturers it means you are helping to support talented local producers – promoting local skills that should not be lost, rather than in big retailers today where automation is the norm rather than the exception.

  1. A story to tell

Like many other artisan professions, SkinLikes has had a journey as a business. Ever since opening the clinic in the year 2000 where we specialised in treating people who suffered with back-pain and other Musculo-skeletal problems we have had a passion in helping others. It was our aim to create skincare products that will assist rather than hinder the skin. And that is what we still do today. Handmaking clean, natural and organic skincare products that are suitable for everyone. Whether you need some back-pain relief, moisturiser, muscle ease or natural deodorants we have everything to keep your skin and body looking and feeling healthy.

  1. Customer experience

Small businesses are genuinely happy to assist, and it truly brings joy to us at SkinLikes when we hear that our products have benefited you in some way. Be sure to read our lovely testimonials on our website at

So, in short why don’t you start shopping small and buying more handmade, if you do not already? It truly benefits everyone and especially so in current economic circumstances.