Tan or burn? What’s the best advice?

Skin is the outer defence to infection. It’s what keeps us cool and it keeps the bad guys out, but it’s also what everyone sees. It’s what make us what we are, and with summer upon us, it needs to be cared for.

We are often asked why is after sun important, what’s the best type of after sun, which after sun is the best, can I use after sun as moisturiser and other questions like this, so, here are some answers on how to stop your skin peeling, and how to achieve a long-lasting tan.

Why is after sun important? It’s a fact that the skin type on every one is different. Some of us will burn, while others will easily achieve a perfect tan. But we should look after our skin as it is first and foremost absorbent. A ‘thousand open mouths’ it is waiting to absorb the good and the bad. Carrots are good. When you eat them your body’s metabolism divides it and adds some oxygen transforming it in to vitamin A. Carrots also provide Lycopene and Carotene members of a class called “carotenoids” that in our skin absorb visible light and re-emits at lower frequency, dissipating heat, thereby protecting the skin from harmful effects. But the skin can do this for only so long and after long periods of exposure it gets exhausted and it’s then time to do something to help it avoid long-lasting damage.

What’s the best After Sun? As with all skincare products the very first thing that you must do is to read the ingredients. Far too many products have chemical ingredients that are harmful to the skin, to you and to our planet. True clinical effectiveness hasn’t been established for ingredients in many products that make all sorts of claims, and they often have thick consistencies that trap the heat in the upper skin layers aggravating the heat and the burn and thereby irritating skin that is already damaged. Some also may be phototoxic – i.e., causing sunburn and skin damage – so, please read the label before using an after sun that in a great big bottle and a low price, seems just too good to be true.

SkinLikes After Sun on the other hand is safe for the face and indeed anywhere on the body. It cools the heat, instantly by using essential oils as the active ingredients, the very same as the oils Egyptians used thousands of years ago. These oils protect plants from too much sunlight, excessive heat and dehydration. When plants are injured, essential oils from within the plant flow to the wound, protecting it from infection like an antiseptic and initiating a healing process. They do the same for people when applied to human wounds or skin that has been fried and hurt by over-exposure.

Can I use an After Sun as a moisturiser? Moisturising the skin is probably the most important thing that you will ever do, but it has to be with the right product. (Read our article: https://www.skinlikes.co.uk/moisturising-is-the-name-of-the-game/ Something that is clean and organic is by far preferable and this is where SkinLikes After Sun can play a vital part. It contains the same blend of clean organic ingredients to be found in all of our products. The base lotion includes Grape seed oil with beauty benefits that may be due to its vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acid content. The essential oil focus is on Palmarosa. Considered to be an excellent skin-balancing oil for all skin types it is one of nature’s best protectors of cell-renewing skin health.

Homeostasis: This is a state of wellness, balance and proper function that we should all seek to achieve within the body, and it is helped by the use of plant based essential oils – and it’s the reason why we use them in every product that we manufacture. In the same way that essential oils always work towards balance or homeostasis, first in the plants that created them, it then does exactly the same in the humans who apply them.

Results: The results from the use of SkinLikes After Sun are that our customers tan – and the tan itself lasts longer. It has been scientifically assessed to ensure that it is compatible with all skin types, whether you are dull & tired, or oily and combination, or dry and dehydrated, or simply mature and ageing, we are sure that you won’t be disappointed.

What’s Great: It smells delicious. If you are a woman, applied all over after a shower when you have finished swimming or sunbathing, for the day, it will set you on the right mood to continue in the evening feeling refreshed and cool. If you are a man who just spent some on hours on the golf course and after showering you can feel the burn on your face and arms, then simply apply and let you skin absorb all of the wonderful, healing ingredients; within a very short space time the burning sensation will be gone and that basis of a lovely sun tan established. And all achieved with nothing but clean, organic ingredients.

So, there you have it, our advice on the very best sun tanning lotion that’s out there. In a big 150ml aluminium tube (aluminium is the most readily available metal on the planet – and it can be recycled forever), it will last a long time. And of course, it comes with our money back guarantee if you are in any way disappointed.

Kind regards and best wishes from the team at SkinLikes where we are happy to answer your questions.

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