• A completely different concept where the focus is on gentle exercise, and using an easily absorbed lotion that containing therapeutic essential oils, combined in a high-quality organic moisturising base, softens the skin and underlying tissues to make movement of stiff muscles easier and simpler.
    • Exercises that you do in bed.
    • Lotion softens the skin and underlying tissues, making the exercises easier to do.
    • Suitable for athletes, those with manual jobs or simply people always on the go.
    • Simple exercises that cut down the risk of recurrence.
    • 150ml tube
  • Sale!

    Joint Ease lotion

    The natural massage balm, that in touch with the requirements of your body, might just allow some relief.
    • Floral, light and clear with woody undertones, this oil has countless benefits
    • Makes it easier for joints in the body that are overworked, overused or simply worn, to move easier.
    • Combines essential oils with clean, organic ingredients to create a natural massage balm
    • 150ml tube
  • Sale!

    Skin Repair Lotion

    • £14 for a big 150ml tube.
    • £23 for two tubes - saving £5
    • Scientifically-researched, professionally recommended formulae, targeting a wide array of individual skin worries
    • Non-greasy lotion, soothing and hydrating for hard-working skin on the body, legs, hands and feet
    • A highly effective moisturiser and protective barrier for dry, sensitive skin
    • Clinically proven
    • Silky smooth and velvety
    • Improves elasticity
    • Absorbs quickly
    • Vegan and Herbal
    • 150ml tube
  • Contains a special blend of essential oils that soothes tired muscles, helping them to unwind and relax.
    • Relieves muscle stiffness or irritation
    • Great for athletes and sports players
    • Settles muscle cramp and restless legs
    • Helps to tone muscles and make them more supple by eliminating lactic acid and stimulating circulation
    • 150ml bottle
  • A clean and organic solution to help repair, soften and nourish your skin.
    • Gives your skin the help it needs to stay supple and youthful
    • Works overnight as you sleep, nourishing the skin and repairing the damage of the day
    • Easily absorbed
    • 150ml bottle
  • A blend of plant-based and therapeutic oils with all the nutrients needed to moisturise almost any skin type.
    • Leaves your skin looking and feeling smooth with a healthy glow
    • Sympathetically blended frankincense and rose oils
    • Functional and easy to apply
    • 150ml tube

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