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Innovative Health Products

Our range of products that provide health benefits.

Our family based skincare business in the West of Scotland provides technologies that derived from the best available evidence, are effective and safe for use.

They are focussed on 3 vital parts of the human body, the joints, the skin and the muscles:

Joint Ease Lotion

The natural solution to bring relief from aching joints and arthritic joint pains

Joint-Ease is a natural solution to help ease and alleviate arthritic joint-pain and aches in the joints and lower back. This innovative, clean organic formula – a blend of carefully selected plant-based therapeutic essential oils – is quickly absorbed by the skin, drawing them into the problem area, increasing circulation and reducing inflammation, redness and swelling.

Our customers love to tell us their stories of how Joint-Ease has reduced their symptoms and helped soothe the pain caused by their conditions. Some have tried countless other joint pain remedies but have never found the same relief offered by Joint-Ease that is an organic, alternative to other chemical-filled pain relief solutions on the market.

Containing JoJoba oil, it’s the perfect alternative to potentially harmful products and created using substances which may bring unwanted side effects and damage your skin. Jojoba oil is colourless, odourless and has countless benefits and almost all of the vitamins and minerals essential for healthy skin and is gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin without causing allergic reactions.

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Muscle Ease Lotion

Helps your muscles to unwind and relax

Regular application of this massage balm that is in touch with the needs of your body may bring the relief that you seek. Using a special blend of essential oils, this massage balm is great for athletes and sports players allowing them to unwind and relax the body after strenuous exercise.

Women who purchased Muscle Ease tell us that it is great for restless legs. It is also a genuine solution for elderly persons or people with muscular problems and cramp, seeking to minimise their struggles without turning to medication such as pain killers.

Used by athletes and other sportsmen and women, it allows them to run harder, faster and longer and recover quicker. Calf strains are a thing of the past. Neck pain as the consequence of a long-haul flight or simply over-sleeping on your sofa soon recover.

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SkinLikes Skin Repair

(Lotion for body, legs, hands & feet)

When you take skincare as seriously as we do, we imagine that you are always searching for the next generation of game-changing, best skin repair cream that naturally can moisturise and repair it to a trouble-free, healthy state. It sounds so simple, but giving the skin what it wants, is a complex problem that demands a lot of science in its creation and especially so when you need a treatment that will provide instant relief and keep your skin moist and hydrated day and night. Silky smooth and velvety, this eco-friendly, organic delicacy has the consistency of refreshing liquid cashmere. It simply has to be your daily routine with a skin repair formula. It’s your own skin repair clinic that keeps on working even overnight while sleeping.

SkinLikes Skin Repair, is the result of our research at two Scottish Universities. West of Scotland where we developed an organic, vegan emollient using plant-based (land and sea) food-grade ingredients and Aberdeen where we confirmed the efficacy of an organic formula able to eradicate bacteria taken from hospital-acquired infections.

It is a highly effective skin lotion that giving the skin what it wants, soothing and repairing itchy and dry skin, especially on shins and elbows. It’s perfect for damaged, irritated and hard skin on hands and feet and our customers tell us that they use it for all sorts of skin conditions such as, wound-healing, skin ulcers and lesions. Apart from anything it’s a great moisturiser.

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Rejuvenating Lotion

Nourish and Replenish Tired Skin

We developed our Rejuvenating Lotion as a clean and organic solution to help repair, soften and nourish your skin. Our Rejuvenating Lotion is applied at night-time to the face after cleansing. The oils in it work through the night as you sleep, nourishing the skin and repairing the damage of the day.

The skin has to deal with toxins in the  environment, the rays from the sun and the wind that can be harsh at times. This causes what is known as extraneous ageing. Other factors such as smoking, lack of sleep and a poor diet can be contributory factors to ageing and as we age our skin-cells just don’t repair as quickly as they do when we were young and our Rejuvenating Lotion can give your skin the help it needs to stay supple and youthful.

Usage: Massage into the skin after bathing or before bed. Easily absorbed. Shake before use.

The wonderful natural ingredients in this product are: Sunflower oil, distilled water, xanthan gum, locust bean gum, citric acid (preservative), glycerol and a special blend of therapeutic essential oils.

Contents: 150ml (Approx 75 Applications)

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“I have bought the joint and muscle lotions for my self and find them great to use. I also buy both products for my father down in Dumfries. He is in his 80’s and I introduced him to your products last year. He swears by them, hence the double order for him. The prompt service is always much appreciated.”

Fiona Nelson • Dumfries

“Just to say Joint Lotion arrived, I bought it for my Mother who has been in agony with her knees for a long time, last night she took a bought of pain and applied the lotion within a few minutes the pain was a lot less she could feel the lotion penetrating the knee, thank you for making your product. She cant get over it hence me emailing you and she has tried all sorts of meds to help but with her age and contra indications she can’t get cortisone injections.”

Mark Mclaren • Invergordon

“Heavy lifting and grasping knurled bars under strain had started to take its toll on my palms at the base of my fingers. I had already been wearing gloves to lessen the abrasion but struggled to shake off my rough skin due to the regularity of training 4 times a week. I tried rubbing in SkinLikes Skin Repair Lotion 30mins before and straight after my weight lifting and I am now free from rough hands. I would recommend this product to anyone who carries out manual work that can be tough on the skin.”

Mark Richardson • Ayr