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Innovative Health Products

Our range of products that provide health benefits.

Our family based skincare business in the West of Scotland provides technologies that derived from the best available evidence, are effective and safe for use.

They are focussed on 3 vital parts of the human body, the joints, the skin and the muscles:

Joint Ease Lotion

The natural solution to bring relief from aching joints and arthritic joint pains

Joint-Ease is a natural solution to help ease and alleviate arthritic joint-pain and aches in the joints and lower back. This innovative, clean organic formula – a blend of carefully selected plant-based therapeutic essential oils – is quickly absorbed by the skin, drawing them into the problem area, increasing circulation and reducing inflammation, redness and swelling.

Our customers love to tell us their stories of how Joint-Ease has reduced their symptoms and helped soothe the pain caused by their conditions. Some have tried countless other joint pain remedies but have never found the same relief offered by Joint-Ease that is an organic, alternative to other chemical-filled pain relief solutions on the market.

Containing JoJoba oil, it’s the perfect alternative to potentially harmful products and created using substances which may bring unwanted side effects and damage your skin. Jojoba oil is colourless, odourless and has countless benefits and almost all of the vitamins and minerals essential for healthy skin and is gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin without causing allergic reactions.

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Muscle Ease Lotion

Helps your muscles to unwind and relax

Regular application of this massage balm that is in touch with the needs of your body may bring the relief that you seek. Using a special blend of essential oils, this massage balm is great for athletes and sports players allowing them to unwind and relax the body after strenuous exercise.

Women who purchased Muscle Ease tell us that it is great for restless legs. It is also a genuine solution for elderly persons or people with muscular problems and cramp, seeking to minimise their struggles without turning to medication such as pain killers.

Used by athletes and other sportsmen and women, it allows them to run harder, faster and longer and recover quicker. Calf strains are a thing of the past. Neck pain as the consequence of a long-haul flight or simply over-sleeping on your sofa soon recover.

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Back Pain Knowledge

Managing, Relieving and Soothing Back Pain – 20 years of clinical research may provide the solution!

Back pain and sciatica are often talked about in the same breath as are back pain causes, back pain exercises, back pain relief and even back pain at night. But the question is – just how many of us are able to give a sensible answer – and more importantly, a solution? Doctors, we are sure, do their job as best they can, yet on a daily basis, millions of us humans suffer with back pain, leg pain and back pain alignment and there is, it would seem a general lack of support. However, at SkinLikes we would like to change all of this – and in doing so, we are happy to share our knowledge that has been gained over 20-years or more of working with the problem.


What causes back pain? About 60% of every human-being consists of water. Thus, our skeleton floats in the water of our bodies. Bones are just our coat-hangers and attached to muscles, they will go where they put them. If a muscle or tendon below ribs, or between shoulder blades, (if you spend too much time on your computer) or just above the right or left hip, or indeed anywhere in the back are in spasm through injury or overwork, then the underlying fibres will shrink, causing the muscle fibres to pull the skeleton out of line. Nerves that travel through, or near to a muscle become trapped. This then switches on a feedback pain-loop-system from muscle to brain that will stay that way, until we do something about it.

So, what is the solution? Rest is the first option, but most of us lead busy lives, and we just want the pain to go away, but essential oils are clever and can be the solution in that they do what pharmaceutical drugs cannot do – that is pass the blood-brain barrier. Thus, these microscopic particles integral in our lotion are quickly absorbed by the skin tissues and soon travel into the underlying muscle and tendon fibres. Triggering release, the entrapment allows the nerve to return to its natural position and the feedback pain-loop-system switches off. The skeleton floats back to its rightful position and normality returns.

Can our ingredients help? The secret in any formula is to get it right, so our vast knowledge about therapeutic essential oils, combined with the research that we have completed at four Scottish universities provides the ability to do just this in every one of our products, where we manufacture everything from scratch. The base formula that we start with contains soft Scottish water, other food-grade and mostly organic ingredients. To this, we add a clever, carefully researched blend of plant-based, therapeutic essential oils as the active ingredients. These oil molecules then work through our receptor sites at cellular levels harmonising with the 100 trillion cells in our human bodies and targeting the ones that need help. Back pain and leg pain (where the nerves from the lower back travel down into the legs) is a curse, but detail always has a purpose, and thus interacting with the oils for healing purposes, the cells work to repair microscopic damage in our tissues, and like a little bit of magic the pain disappears normality returns.

What additional help can we offer? We are here to answer your questions – even the one asked recently about a pain just above my bum, or back pain arthritis or back pain bottom right, or even back pain both sides – they are all relevant. Simply send an email to briefly explaining your problem and we will reply with the best advice that we can offer. Twenty years working in our clinics in Glasgow and Ayrshire successfully treating all sorts of musculoskeletal problems have given us lots of answers to back and joint pain that we are happy to share with you.

DO NOT: apply near eyes, or on mucus membranes. Not suitable for children. Apply generally two to three times daily – or as often as necessary.

Always: patch test first if in any doubt about allergies. Apply a little to the crease on the inside of an elbow and leave six hours.

Ingredients: Aqua/Soft Scottish Water, Vitus Vinifera (Grapeseed oil) Passiflora Edulus (Passion flower seed oil), Glycerin (palm-free, vegetable derived), Glycine (natural amino acid), Sorbitan Oleate (from 100% bio-based coconut and corn), Glyceral Stearate, Citric acid, Guar gum, Xanthan gum, (all food-grade), Sodium Alginate (from seaweed), Preservatives that are ECOCERT and COSMOS approved + a blend of plant-based, therapeutic essential oils that are the active ingredients.

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SkinLikes Skin Repair

(Lotion for body, legs, hands & feet)

When you take skincare as seriously as we do, we imagine that you are always searching for the next generation of game-changing, best skin repair cream that naturally can moisturise and repair it to a trouble-free, healthy state. It sounds so simple, but giving the skin what it wants, is a complex problem that demands a lot of science in its creation and especially so when you need a treatment that will provide instant relief and keep your skin moist and hydrated day and night. Silky smooth and velvety, this eco-friendly, organic delicacy has the consistency of refreshing liquid cashmere. It simply has to be your daily routine with a skin repair formula. It’s your own skin repair clinic that keeps on working even overnight while sleeping.

We know that people often ask, does the skin naturally repair itself, can it do it overnight as we sleep; is there an organic oil or a serum or emulsion containing essential oils that’s any good after surgery? And so, they trawl the internet searching for the best body lotion, balm or gel; the ultimate and best skin repair cream, something that will be a highly effective moisturiser and repair cream for dry-sensitive hands and body, and if anything will be a highly effective natural remedy that can eliminate all those little, niggly skin problems that just won’t go away.

Customers look for something that will instantly soothe the discomfort and visibly reduce the redness; something that will be a highly active anti-inflammatory cream or lotion and at the same time, a comforting hydrating moisturiser. Of course, it has to be clinically proven to relieve the itching, irritation, redness, and scaling and deal with all of the many sorts of problems that us humans suffer and especially so if you have sensitive skin.

The problem with all of this is that when a villainous substance, perhaps to be found in man-made perfume or pollen from plants (that some of us are allergic to) enters the skin, it instantly puts it on high alert, the acid mantle; the delicate micro-flora that keeps the skin healthy is attacked and the pH of our skin gets to a level from where it shouldn’t be (neutral is 5.5). This can happen if we get too rigorous with exfoliation or we allow harsh chemicals (to be found in so many skincare products these days) to penetrate the skins outer layer (epidermis) or even the dermis layer under this. The combination of these inflammatory markers sets off the heat and itch sensation that comes with sensitive, badly treated skin.

An enormous amount of money and effort goes into creating and advertising products for the skin and hair each year, but this is hardly surprising because the skin is the part of us that we present to the outside world. Our skin defines us as individuals and as we go through life it changes constantly every day, for the better or the worse. It is both protective and semi-permeable and acts as interface between the interior and exterior world; it can absorb some things and excrete others, but it’s a remarkable fact that giving the correct fuel to our bodies (clean water and good food), the skin has the ability to heal – even after considerable damage has been wrought on it.

The actual cause of skin disease can be very difficult to unravel and are generally the combination of diet, environment, general health, hereditary factors, stress and individual susceptibility. The length of time it will take to cure a skin disease will largely depend on how long medicated ointments or drugs have been used to suppress the condition in the past, and the state of health of your other bodily organs.

Clean, fresh air is a must for healthy skin and regular cleansing is important to clear the pores of city grime – if you happen to live in such a location. Generally speaking, maintaining a healthy skin depends not only on a good diet, but also having a routine where you regularly apply a good, highly effective, plant-based repair moisturiser to help protect and nourish the skin. And so, at SkinLikes we set ourselves the task of creating a product that would answer all of these calls – and more.

The aim for us was to develop something supported by University Research:

At West of Scotland University, we set the task of developing to clinical standards, a concentrated, organic, vegan emollient (emulsion); a natural remedy that could be used as the base formula for an intense moisture repair cream suitable as a hand cream, a dry skin cream, and a damaged skin repair cream. We insisted that it had to use nothing but clean, plant-based, organic (wherever possible) ingredients that would create an extremely protective and healing, breathable barrier, repairing the skin on a cellular level.

The work at West of Scotland is complete and it has allowed us to develop a truly wonderful moisturiser that we use as the carrier for the plant-based therapeutic essential oils that we add to Skin-Repair and indeed all of our products, as the active ingredients. But these plant-based therapeutic essential oils are complex and insisted that we utilise a different science entirely. This demanded a separate research project with another university who had this expertise.

Aberdeen University was chosen and here our research tested the ability of our formula to eradicate several bacteria, with all being obtained from patients with hospital-acquired infections. This included Acinetobacter baumannii AB5 an opportunistic pathogen, has a high incidence among immunocompromised individuals, particularly those who have experienced a prolonged hospital stay. (read more in this US National Library of Medicine article –

What is Skin-Repair good for:  We have incorporated our research into our Skin-Repair product and we find that apart from being a repair moisturiser, it is a highly effective skin lotion and a natural remedy that gives the skin what it wants, soothing and repairing itchy and dry skin and damaged, irritated and hard skin on the body (except the face – please consult with our office for specific advice) and it’s great for all sorts of niggly skin complaints that for one reason or another won’t get better. It is especially beneficial treatment when applied at night and it will work as you sleep.

What makes it so special: When the skins natural barrier that is damaged by exposure to cold weather, water, soaps and other chemicals it causes breakdown in barrier function that results in moisture loss. This opens the door to penetration of irritants, which can cause dryness, redness, scaling, itching and irritation. So, if you have to work in conditions that cause these problems, or if your skin is aged, then its best to feed and care for it with clean, organic ingredients that will replenish and repair and it absorbs almost immediately, so you never feel sticky.

What do we use and why: First, we start with soft Scottish water from our lochs and streams, which is then further purified to remove any microscopic traces of contaminants. Then we add Passion Seed and Grapeseed oil that are both cold-pressed and organic. Glycine (a natural amino acid) helps maintain the skin’s hydration, texture, resilience, and a blend of plant-based (university tested) therapeutic essential oils, which effectively and hygienically kill the bad bacteria on the skin such as those that prevent wounds from healing. We find that this can be especially beneficial to calm itching that comes sometimes with varicose veins. And of course, if you are diabetic and have to look after your feet, then this may be a product to keep them healthy.

DO NOT: apply near eyes, or on mucus membranes or in the face. Not suitable for children. Apply generally two to three times daily. If you have problem skin on the face, then please get in touch and we will see if there may be something that after consultation, we can formulate specially for you (

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Rejuvenating Lotion

Nourish and Replenish Tired Skin

We developed our Rejuvenating Lotion as a clean and organic solution to help repair, soften and nourish your skin. Our Rejuvenating Lotion is applied at night-time to the face after cleansing. The oils in it work through the night as you sleep, nourishing the skin and repairing the damage of the day.

The skin has to deal with toxins in the  environment, the rays from the sun and the wind that can be harsh at times. This causes what is known as extraneous ageing. Other factors such as smoking, lack of sleep and a poor diet can be contributory factors to ageing and as we age our skin-cells just don’t repair as quickly as they do when we were young and our Rejuvenating Lotion can give your skin the help it needs to stay supple and youthful.

Usage: Massage into the skin after bathing or before bed. Easily absorbed. Shake before use.

The wonderful natural ingredients in this product are: Sunflower oil, distilled water, xanthan gum, locust bean gum, citric acid (preservative), glycerol and a special blend of therapeutic essential oils.

Contents: 150ml (Approx 75 Applications)

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“I have bought the joint and muscle lotions for my self and find them great to use. I also buy both products for my father down in Dumfries. He is in his 80’s and I introduced him to your products last year. He swears by them, hence the double order for him. The prompt service is always much appreciated.”

Fiona Nelson • Dumfries

“Just to say Joint Lotion arrived, I bought it for my Mother who has been in agony with her knees for a long time, last night she took a bought of pain and applied the lotion within a few minutes the pain was a lot less she could feel the lotion penetrating the knee, thank you for making your product. She cant get over it hence me emailing you and she has tried all sorts of meds to help but with her age and contra indications she can’t get cortisone injections.”

Mark Mclaren • Invergordon

“Heavy lifting and grasping knurled bars under strain had started to take its toll on my palms at the base of my fingers. I had already been wearing gloves to lessen the abrasion but struggled to shake off my rough skin due to the regularity of training 4 times a week. I tried rubbing in SkinLikes Skin Repair Lotion 30mins before and straight after my weight lifting and I am now free from rough hands. I would recommend this product to anyone who carries out manual work that can be tough on the skin.”

Mark Richardson • Ayr