Moisturising is the name of the game.

Moisturising is the name of the game when it comes to looking after your skin, but it’s a mind-boggling challenge for most customers to come to a conclusion about what’s best for use.

Science sells. Clever marketing and sales people learned ages ago that science sells. So, labels and adverts often use impressive scientific terms such as hypoallergenic (allergy tested), or non-comedogenic (won’t cause pimples), or they include a list of vitamins that promise to nourish the skin, but don’t actually make much difference, either because the amounts used are too small to have much effect, or because the vitamins degrade with exposure to light and oxygen – and really, this is a shame.

So, what’s the truth in skincare advertising? To be honest, we don’t know all the answers, but we do know where to look for explanations and especially so, if they come from peer-reviewed journals and eminent universities and suchlike – and where possible to incorporate this knowledge into everything that we produce.

The key to a happy life from a skincare point of view, is to know that you are using a moisturiser that won’t harm you. If it’s at the top of the range, it doesn’t need to be expensive but it should certainly:

– contain nothing but ingredients from nature that are clean and organic.
– bring out the natural beauty of your own skin.
– be gentle and smell nice.
– be non-greasy and easily absorbed
– leaves the skin feeling refreshed as soon as it is applied.
– doesn’t leave the skin itchy or tight after application.
– works for you even if your skin is sensitive.
– be perfume-free.

Confused about skin? In truth, skin is more complex than many of us realise. In the average adult, it weighs nine kilograms and covers about two square metres in area. It’s the ‘wrapping paper that covers the presents’. It is our most overlooked organ, but actually our most fascinating. It is the barrier against the terrors of the outside world. It keeps us safe, but as it ages, it directly confronts us with our own mortality. Our body and our mind are inextricably linked to our skin. It’s how we are perceived by others. Strip the skin from any human being and underneath, we are all the same.

Externally it’s a book. With scars and wrinkles and tattoos (if you have them) it tells a story to others, whether through subtle fascial twitching, blushing or unwanted eruptions of underlying conditions that can be physical or psychological. Skin is indispensable for our survival and daily functioning and it reveals who we are as humans.

When was the last time that you really looked at it? You might give your skin a glance every day in the mirror, but when was the last time you looked carefully and wondered how this wafer-thin wall manages to keep your insides in and the treacherous outside out? Its scratched, squashed and stretched a thousand times a day and yet it doesn’t break. Its battered by high radiation from the sun, yet it never fails to stop these rays from touching our internal organs. On average its less than 1mm thick and many deadly organisms live on the surface, but rarely do they ever get through.

Her Majesty the Queen Mother. Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon the wife of King George VI, and the mother of our present Queen Elizabeth II, or the Queen Mum as she was fondly known, was born on 4 August 1900 and died peacefully on 30th March 2002. During her long life, she undertook a variety of public engagements and it was at one of them that we were enthralled to meet and speak with her. What struck me us the time was despite her age (she was in her eighties when we met), her skin was in such good condition and defied her age. When we enquired some time later of a confidant what the secret was, the answer came back that she simply moisturised – every day!

Moisturising ingredients. The list of the better-known and safe ingredients in any moisturiser is complex. The list of ones that we are not so sure about is even longer. Suffice to say that we at SkinLikes are proud of the products that we produce where we carefully research each and every ingredient and include them solely for the benefits that they can bring to the skin of the user – a subject for the newsletter next week as is the article on foods that are good or bad for the skin – that will follow the week after. Keep moisturising and who knows, you too may enjoy the same skin type as our lovely Queen Mum.

With our best wishes and please be sensible and stay safe.

Jim and the team at SkinLikes.