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SkinLikes Organic, Vegan, Clean Deodorant

Suitable for men and women

Deodorants and antiperspirants:

Are applied on a very sensitive area of your body, and for that reason, it’s important that you trust what we manufacture. It’s also critical that you understand every ingredient we use, why it’s in the product and what it does. So, with this in mind, let us explain:

First of all, it’s the bacteria that arrive on your skin that cause the smell while you sweat, but the safety and health of our customers is of utmost importance to us. So, we had a number of challenges to overcome.

Task 1 – develop, build and test an organic formula that would kill the smell.
Task 2 – it had to be safe to use.
Task 3 – took us three years of serious, university research to perfect the formula.
Task 4 – had to be a cruelty-free task (we would never test on animals).
Task 5 – we had to have transparency in sourcing ethically-sourced ingredients.

Task 6 – they had to be natural, organic and sustainable.

Our simple, yet effective ingredients:

  • Pure, clean, soft Scottish water from lochs and streams.
  • Xanthan gum, a thickener that’s used in lots of food-stuffs.
  • A little amount of bicarbonate pf soda – just like mum uses when baking a cake.
  • A very carefully selected blend of safe, plant-based therapeutic essential oils, that instantly kill the smell.
  • Nothing else.

The skin is a thousand open mouths waiting to absorb what you put on it:

So, maybe after reading this article, you may consider using what we reckon to be the safest deodorant ever produced.

It’s targeted specifically at people like you, who care about their own bodies and what it absorbs every day.

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SkinLikes After Sun Lotion

Soothe and Repair Over Exposed Skin

After Sun contains the same blend of clean organic ingredients to be found in all of our products. The base lotion includes Grapeseed oil with beauty benefits that may be due to its vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acid content. The essential oil focus is on Palmarosa. Considered to be an excellent skin-balancing oil for all skin types it is one of nature’s best protectors of cell-renewing skin health.

Free radicals and environmental factors such as sun, wind, and pollution can do a number of damages to the skin, such as dry skin and discoloration they may increase the signs of aging. Vitamin E helps fight these free radicals and these benefits can happen when it’s applied directly to your skin in the form of grapeseed oil.

We like to find good scientific information to back up a statement and we quote the Linus Pauling Institute who state that omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids are crucial to skin function and appearance and necessary for skin barrier functioning.

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SkinLikes Aftersun Lotion

Advantages of using an Organic, Clean Deodorant

Make the change for cleaner living

No irritating of the skin
Won’t leave stains on your clothes
Includes no harmful chemicals or ingredients
Long lasting formula
Roll-on application
Instantly kills odour producing bacteria
Great solution for people with sensitive skin


One in 3 adults have some form of allergy

Allergy UK makes the point that one in three adults in the UK has some form of allergic disease, which is easily aggravated by perfumed products and aerosol chemicals.

Most deodorants contain ‘fragrance’ in the form of perfume that most likely is not natural and probably man-made. As a consequence of this it is known that about 5% of people who use such a product will have an allergic reaction most commonly in the form of contact dermatitis in the axilla (the under-arm) where in addition to the blood vessels and nerves of the arm, the axilla houses an important group of lymph nodes.


Inflammation of the skin

Dermatitis in its literal sense (inflammation of the skin) causes the skin to itch as a result of formation of scales, exudation of fluid and infection caused by irritants such as acids, alkalis, solvents, petroleum derivatives and detergents.

Some or all of the nasty chemicals can be found in various skin care products that are used on skin these days. There are other much used ingredients such as vitamin E (used as an antioxidant qualities and moisturiser) propylene glycol (used as a carrier for active ingredients) and of course parabens. SkinLikes is free from all harmful ingredients.

Deodorants & Babies

Exposure to deodorant chemicals

Babies spend a huge amount of time snuggled up in your arms and right next to your skin where you as a responsible mum don’t want them to be exposed to anything nasty.

If you are breast-feeding, the importance of what you are using on your skin becomes even greater. We reckon that the food-grade ingredients that we use in our SkinLikes Natural Deodorant are the the solution to your problem.

“I hope you make this message public, as it deserves to be! What cant I say about the brilliance of this company. Products were the least expensive on the web for equivalent quality, only Scottish one not charging for postage, came day after ordering, packaged so nicely you could hand them straight over as a present (if I had wanted to) and the products were Brilliant! Unlike many Natural products, the Mens Deodarant smelled Manly, the Womans, Womanly.”

Kevin & Helen • East Lothian

“Still using the natural deodorant and still loving it. Very effective – and that comes from a sweaty girl!”

Gillian • Great Yarmouth

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