Is your deodorant a breast cancer risk?

Numerous studies have shown that exposure to toxic chemicals (parabens and aluminium chlorohydrate) may be related to allergic reactions and even breast cancer. A recent study from Reading University in England found that cancerous tumours are most likely to appear in the parts of the breast which is closest to where antiperspirants are applied. Of the women studied, it was found that cysts in the armpit area of the breast had twenty-five times more aluminium than what would commonly be found in the blood. The theories presented are disputed by Big-Pharma, but surely it is incomprehensible that organizations like the FDA, the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute might be wrong or misleading?

Given the differences in opinion, more research is needed to specifically examine whether the use of deodorants or antiperspirants can cause the build-up of parabens and aluminium based compounds in breast tissue. But this is unlikely to happen any time soon when so many conglomerates are reluctant to change the manufacturing processes for antiperspirants that they have been enjoying the profits from for years. As well as the continued use of Triclosan (otherwise known as Agent Orange which was used in the Vietnam War for deforestation). There is great sadness in this, especially when accepting that these chemicals can possibly alter the DNA in some cells or even cause other breast cell changes.

So, what can we all do about this?

The first thing is to have a good look at the ingredients in your deodorant and antiperspirant, and if there is even a doubt – stop using it. Alternatively, you could look at where you will find a clean, simple yet effective deodorant that works terrifically well to stop any underarm smells. SkinLikes clean, organic deodorant has excellent performance credentials targeted specifically at people like you, who care about their own skin and body. Afterall your skin is a thousand open mouths waiting to absorb whatever you put on it.

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