How to fix Back Pain

Years ago, our grandparents suffered with slipped disc. Today the buzz-word is sciatica. The cost to the nation is huge; indeed, one recent report in a national newspaper stated that ‘millions of working days are lost to lower back and hip pain every year – and it costs the UK more than £1Billion annually’. Why the NHS are not delivering better or more effective health care for back pain is a question everyone should be asking; we can put a man on the moon and we have made huge advances with computer science and such, yet it seems that we can’t set up a shop that can say ‘fix your back here’.

Severe lower back pain is a 20th Century medical disaster where trends of rising work loss, early retirement and state benefits all expose our failure to solve the problem, with the result that low back pain is now one of the most common and fastest growing reasons for work loss, health care use and sickness benefit claims, yet the NHS does not offer any good explanation as to why.

For many years, I was one of the aforementioned statistics. My GP eventually told me he could no more for the sharp stabbing pain that gave me such a sore back. My condition could not be treated by further medical intervention. I would just have to learn to live with it, cope by using pain relief and get around by wheelchair if personal mobility was essential. This was a shock.

In between periods when I could not get out of my house or drive my car, a friend told me that there was a back specialist visiting the area who was expert at fixing sore lower backs, mid back pain, upper back pain, pulled muscles, pain at the back of the neck, indeed anywhere in the body. I had never been a believer in snake-oil salesmen, but after some sessions with this visiting therapist I could put my socks on. Now, this is not the world’s greatest achievement, but to me it was like climbing Mount Everest.

Bowen Therapy

Known as Bowen Therapy and invented by a fellow from Australia and with the instant relief that it gave me, I was a convert. I decided on a change of career, returned to college in Scotland to study anatomy & physiology and went off to Australia to learn all about it. My clinic in Glasgow opened two years later. My studies around the world with others who could fix back problems continued. Armed with this knowledge and skill, I found that even herniated discs could be helped. But this is not the whole story.

Nothing in life lasts forever and the daily grind of driving in heavy traffic to and from Glasgow took its toll, and thus, much to the regret of many clients, we made the decision to close the clinic and focus on our SkinLikes skincare and healthcare business.

Essential Oils, God’s Little Gifts

My wife worked as a nurse in a local hospital and in her spare time studied how and why essential oils worked. In her opinion, extracted as they are from plants, they were ‘God’s little gifts’. Despite my initial reluctance to use the products that she made, I eventually became a convert especially the day when she was able to resolve my lower back pain. It was a pulled muscle that had gone into spasm, yet with a little Muscle Ease applied and massages gently into the affected area, my pain soon disappeared.

We have studied with some of the best essential oil experts in the world and collaborated with several universities in Scotland to examine the potential of all that we have found. Essential oils are clever and they are the active ingredients in every product that we make.

We are composed of trillions of cells, millions of which die every day, but remarkably are replaced by millions of new cells. These cells work in harmony and it’s the oils that assist in restoring and maintaining that harmony. To help understand essential oils there is a book called The Secret Life of Plants that’s written by Peter Tomkins and Christopher Bird. It’s one of those books that will change your view of the world forever. Tomkins explains the world of plants and their relation to mankind. The book includes remarkable information about plants as lie detectors and plants as ecological sentinels and it describes their ability to adapt to human wishes, their repose to music, and the ability to communicate with man.

It’s a terribly complex subject, but something that we are focussed on.

To return to sore lower back pain and Bowen therapy, we would offer the advice that as with everything in life there are good therapists and bad, good doctors and not so good, etc. So, our advice is to ask questions of the therapists training, ability and success stories before you commit.

One of our best selling SkinLikes products, Muscle-Ease, apart from helping sore muscles, can ease restless legs, stop cramps and release the lactic acid that builds up when we exercise. So, its good before and after exercise. The oils that we use as with all of our ingredients are from the very best source. They would benefit mankind to a much greater extent if governments world-wide would sanction research into how and why they work. Big Pharma on the other hand can’t patent an essential oil and so spend little on research, which is a shame. However, if you suffer with back or muscle pain of any kind, then please get in touch. We will be happy to help.