Happy Monday – Today is Amazon Prime Day – Oh gosh? 

Where customers matter 

We don’t buy or sell anything from Amazon as we prefer to look for alternative suppliers for all that we need and buyers who shop local and look for artisan suppliers such as we are. We know that it’s a tough old world these days being a small artisan manufacturer and so we would much rather do our buying by supporting companies like us. This has been, and always will be, our first choice. The result is  that the manufacturer keeps all his hard-earned income rather than paying it out in fees and charges to some big company with faceless managers and £million salaries that most of us can only dream of.

The interesting thing is that almost every time that we search for some thing that we need for our business, we can beat the price that is being advertised Amazon – simply by shopping around. And perhaps, taking everything into consideration you too should rather than taking the easy option, shop around. You might just be surprised how much that you can save – and you will find that most of the companies provide the same efficient delivery service – but without you having to pay an annual fee for the privilege.

And so, to help you along, we thought that it would be good to introduce you to some of the companies that we know and love and that we buy from. We have no connection with these companies in any way, other than that fact that we have always found them decent and honourable.

If you love to read, then you must visit the Harbour Book shop in Kingsbridge Devon. They will find you most any book that you need and their service is second to none. They are just lovely people to talk to.  https://www.harbourbookshop.co.uk

If you are looking for traditional hand soap, then why not have a look at The Dartmoor Soap Company. Their ingredients are clean and green and the website is lovely. Everything is hand made and it makes you dream of the moors and the clean air on a wild and windy day.  https://thedartmoorsoapco.co.uk

If you are an artist (of any standard) and you are searching for good quality hand-made brushes, then the best place that we have come across is Rosemary & Co in Yorkshire. Much like SkinLikes, if you call their office, it’s a human being that answers the phone, deals with your queries, and with efficiency, processes your order. https://www.rosemaryandco.com

If you are looking for carrot or tomato or apple of pear juice, then James White is the place to go. The selection of home-grown juices is terrific and in our opinion second to none, and it’s in Suffolk. https://www.jameswhite.co.uk

Not all of us are vegan and if you like a proper sausage made in the traditional way, then there is no better than at Powters in Newmarket. It’s a long time since we had a visit to the home of racing where there is lots to see on non-racing days and especially on the gallops at Warren Hill if you are an early-riser. It’s a short walk from the town centre, but if you love horses, then this is the place to be. https://www.powters.co.uk/

So, there we have it. Just a dip in the water with some of the lovely, small suppliers that you can easily find around the UK. The alternative Prime Day, where it’s just the same good Prime day service every day – and at no extra cost. Perhaps this will whet your appetite and let agree with us that shopping direct with the manufacturer is by far the best way for all concerned.

Kind regards and best wishes from the team at SkinLikes where we are happy to answer your questions.

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