From Moss-Grove Natural Products To SkinLikes

Our Beginnings

In 2008, we were established at our clinic in Glasgow where we specialised in treating people who suffered with back-pain and other musculo-skeletal problems. How we got there is a story for another day, but suffice to say, we were experts in our trade. We knew how a human body works and how to fix most problems using technology we had learned in Australia some years earlier. Our background was also based on rock-solid knowledge gained at college where we studied anatomy and physiology, in general nursing practice in hospital and in the use of plant-based therapeutic essential oils.

Nearly everybody, no matter their background, will from time to time use a lotion from a jar or bottle for skin use. The puzzle for us was why companies use so many ingredients in their skincare products – 50 or more in some of them. Lots of them contained chemical ingredients with unpronounceable names that we had never heard of. We hadn’t the foggiest idea as to why they would be included, but we were intrigued and made the decision to start selling our own products that would use far less ingredients, all of them clean and green and most of them with organic status.

In 2008, Moss-Grove Natural Products was born and we started selling to clients who came to the clinic. Providing them with natural skincare lotions that were not only pure, but very effective was our aim.

We grew our little seed from its humble beginnings working tirelessly in our laboratory perfecting what we made and in 2012, we launched the Moss-Grove website and started selling to a wider audience.

Scientific research

We were determined that the backbone of our company would be based on knowledge that is supported by scientific research. Our journey thus began at several Scottish universities and the following is a brief outline of what has been achieved in the last four years:

  • Aberdeen University: Tested an organic formula that is able to eradicate bacteria taken from hospital-acquired infections – the basis of our products for a variety of health issues.
  • Robert Gordon’s University: Tested the thesis that we could develop an emollient utilising the technology that they had for drilling in the North Sea. (mixing oil and water – but without any nasty chemicals – as most cosmetics do).
  • Glasgow Caledonian University: A cytotoxic test to confirm the efficacy and effectiveness of our clean, green deodorant.
    West of Scotland University: Research (completed May 2019) developed an organic, vegan emollient using plant-based (land and sea) food-grade ingredients.

The birth of SkinLikes

After intense research and development into the deodorant market, we launched SkinLikes to coincide with Moss-Grove and be the flagship brand under which we launched our best selling Natural Deodorant alongside our Moss-Grove products. The effectiveness and the popularity of our deodorant grew so fast that we took the decision to focus all our products and expertise under the one brand, and SkinLikes as a name resonated best with our company ethos to only use ingredients and products that are clean and kind to the skin.

We re-branded our entire product range and launched our upgraded website at the start of 2019 to be able to handle high order volumes and provide a more focused user experience for our customers to showcase our products.

SkinLikes Philosophy

Our company beliefs are as simple as our ingredients. We are an honest brand that is becoming ever more recognisable in the natural health market. Our customers buy into the purity and quality of everything we make, which is crucial to everything we do. By making an emotional investment in our products and enjoying the benefits, our customers return time and time again.

Your health comes first, with no exceptions

Moss-Grove and SkinLikes products have, and will always continue to use clean pure and effective organic ingredients. We want SkinLikes to be the brand to trust and our aim is to provide you with clean, pure and effective skincare products that are in harmony with your body.

We use food-grade and organic ingredients that come from plants. Some are harvested from the sea. None are animal-derived. All are sustainable. We avoid artificial substances that interfere with hormone function and petrochemicals that can lead to skin ageing and damage. Everything we produce is of Vegan status.
Saving our planet and its inhabitants.

We are hugely disappointed when we see companies using Palm Oil and are insulted when they tell us that it’s from a ‘sustainable source’. Acres and acres of rain-forest were cleared to make the land for farmers to grow palm oil but in this process, the Orangutans and other precious animals were forced out. Many were killed. These animals are God’s creatures and were on this planet long before we started to abuse it.

It is our solemn pledge that SkinLikes lotions will not harm you or the planet that we live in. They are suitable for everyone, including vegetarians. Many are used by people who have allergies, and if you have any, then we will be more than happy to work with you to patch-test what we sell so that you can be certain that what we offer you is safe, and has the benefits you seek. All that you have to do is ask. None of our products are tested on animals. We only source the most natural, sustainable ingredients, mostly from small artisan producers where we can trace the product from field to us.

Our motto is – If Mother Nature is generous enough to provide our ingredients, we’ll make sure we look after her.

Customers are at our heart

Communication is the foundation of the brand that we have built and is why we want to hear from you. Our customer service is caring and faster and more efficient than many of our competitors. It makes us stand out from the crowd and in this, we hope that you will agree.

Our website features an article section that allows us to publish information we think will benefit our customers and our ever-growing file of customer satisfaction messages is the fuel that keeps us doing what we do best.

Our focus in the months ahead apart from satisfying existing customers we will launch a new range of products targeted at millennial’s, young mums and babies.

We will also launch what we hope will be the world’s safest moisturiser, a product that can be safely used by people who have very tender skin, such as those undergoing chemotherapy and radio-therapy.

Our new tube-filling and crimping machine is being dispatched from a wonderful company in Poland as we write. It will allow us to sell our products in tubes made from eco-friendly sugarcane waste, that at the end of the day, can themselves be recycled.