Face Cleanser – bad news for fish in the sea?

We were appalled recently to read the labels on some facial cleansers. So we thought that we would do something about it; but we would appreciate your help, if you can spare a couple of minutes.

Some of the ingredients that we found in fascial cleansers included:

Benzyl alcohol is used as a general solvent for inks, waxes, shellacs, paints, lacquers, and epoxy resin coatings. Considering that it can be used in paint strippers, why on earth would you put it on your face?

Sodium hydroxide also known as lye and caustic soda. It is major ingredient in drain and oven cleaners.

Butylene Glycol  has moisturising and solvent properties in skincare products, however, there are reports of this ingredient clogging pores or irritating skin and actually making acne worse.

Phenoxyethanol is used as an anti-bacterial in cosmetics and stabiliser in perfumes and from what we read can irritate skin and eyes, and cause blistering on skin.

How can you help? We wondered if you could let us know why you buy a facial cleanser and what you need it to do for you? After all, your skin is a thousand open mouths waiting to absorb what you put on it, so surely it makes sense to only use products with ingredients that won’t harm it? If you can help, please send a quick email to our product innovation and development manager – jim@skinlikes.co.uk with as few or as many comments as you wish.

Our Thanks: We will be very grateful to hear from you – and you will be first to know all about our new facial cleanser – and we will post you a sample to test.

We will be really pleased if you can help – and so will the fish in the sea, who are fighting an ever-losing battle against all of the nasty chemicals that we simply flush down the plughole.