Essential Oils and Holistic Health

Forgotten and ignored for many years, essential oils are coming back into their own, as an ever-growing section of the public and indeed researchers, recognise the value of natural therapy, rather than the complications known to be caused by some uncompromisingly manufactured chemical medications.

Looking back over the years at some of the medicines that human beings have developed for their fellow human being and in all of this there seems to be one possible panacea – profit over purity!

At SkinLikes we are the essential oil experts and yet, even we couldn’t possibly know 100% exactly why the plant-based essential oils that are the active ingredients in every product we produce seem to work so well on an impressive number of vital levels.

Why Essential Oils?

Simply put, they work. The active blend of oils in our Muscle Ease lotion are able to dissipate the lactic acid in over-worked muscles, thus allowing a quicker and more positive return to ‘normality’.

We understand that essential oils are the real weapons that Nature offers us to achieve vitality and well being. In the future, advanced research on these oils will help us understand more about their benefits but we may never fully know the entire range of benefits they offer. We accept that their miraculous effects on the body may never be fully understood but the effectiveness of our products speak for themselves and our customers tell us daily.

The fact that you can’t patent essential oils perhaps allows for the paucity of well-funded research that drug companies inject into projects for lucrative results.

Nonetheless, there is an ever-growing number of scientists who appreciate that essential oils have been used successfully for healing for hundreds if not thousands of years, and deserve more serious consideration as a current therapeutic option. They are after all, Natures gift from the plant kingdom.

Concerns over Bacterial Resistance to Drugs

Bacteria resistant to most or all of the known antibiotics are a result of over-prescription by doctors combined with the uncontrolled use of antibiotics in the meat industry. Margaret Chan, Director General of the World Health Organisation warns that in this post-antibiotic era when wonder drugs have become powerless against super bugs, something as innocuous as a grazed knee could become deadly.

Thankfully a substantial body of scientific study into essential oils already exists, especially in German and French scientific literature and thus as we grow even further, we will use this knowledge to provide you with some of the reasons why these essential oils work so well in every product that we produce and why Nature may hold the key to well being when drugs are failing.