Colds and flu and back-pain, do they go hand in hand?

Everyone likes to see the snow – from a distance – but when temperatures drop, and roads and pavements get icy, this brings danger to those of us who suffer with pain that may have been lurking in the lower back (lumbar spine) – and it can be exacerbated with even the slightest slip.

But, why is this, you may ask?

Muscles, ligaments and tendons are the guy-ropes that support our spine. In cold weather, they tighten. Doctors and surgeons will disagree about what causes this to happen, but there is no doubt that it does.

Low temperatures cause something known as vasoconstriction where our blood vessels narrow in the extremities. This diverts the blood to internal organs to keep them and the core temperature warm and working efficiently. The result in all of this is that the muscles, ligaments and tendons in the lower back have less blood to keep them warm and they stiffen up.

So, what’s the problem with this?

Our skeleton floats in the water of our bodies and in a way, bones will go where muscles put them. Thus, when the muscles tighten and shrink, they trap the nerve that may be near to or through a muscle.

Between the brain and every muscle in our bodies we have a communication system known as the feedback loop system. It constantly sends messages up and down the feedback loop – and especially so when its telling the brain that there is something wrong.

To explain feedback loop

Our bodies contain two types of nerves – sensory and motor – and to explain how they work, let us think of an imaginary situation: You are standing in the kitchen in your home and thoughtlessly you place your hand on a hot stove and in a micro-second the damage has been done and your skin is burned.

However, if we can put the movement into slow motion, it goes a bit like this:

  • The motor nerves (that control muscle movement) receive a message from the brain and take the hand towards the plate.
  • The sensory nerves pick up the fact that the plate is hot and it’s not a good place to be.
  • They quickly send messages to the brain that this hotplate is a bad place
  • The brain as a result then sends a message to the motor nerves telling them to stop what they are doing and reverse the process.

In real time, the hand goes towards the hot plate, touches it for a micro-second or so and then in reverse pulls it away from the danger.

The same process occurs with back pain, our muscles tighten, and our nerves communicate to our brain that something is wrong which needs attention. The challenge is that unlike the plate example above, with back pain, the solution is rarely as simple as that of removing your hand from a hot plate.

The principle however is the same, you need to address the source of the problem – your exposed and overly tight muscles, as opposed to simply masking the pain temporarily.

So, what can we do about back pain and indeed, are pain relievers safe?

Over the counter medications are usually safe, but side effects can occur – and they can bring their own dangers if you are on blood-thinning medication or have active stomach problems.

The difficulty with this type of medication is that while it may dull the pain, it doesn’t address the problem. And so, this is where SkinLikes Back Pain Knowledge may have a role to play.

Most pain-relief creams on the market work by ‘distracting’ you from your pain, but Back Pain Knowledge works in an entirely different manner.

Combining almost 20 years’ experience of treating back pain, with university led research, Back Pain Knowledge contains a special blend of plant-based therapeutic essential oils as the active ingredients. These oils are clever, in that they can do something that pharmaceutical drugs cannot do – they can pass the blood brain barrier.

Microscopically they are little soldiers whose dimensions are so small that they can penetrate human skin, follow nerve pathways, pass through the blood brain barrier and administer therapy at a cellular level to many of the 100 trillion cells within our bodies, muscles and tendons – and they do all of this inside our own communication system.

Therefore, what is the communication system inside our bodies?

The body has at least three internal communication systems: the nervous system, the endocrine system and the cytokine network. These are complex systems that are far too big for us to explain in this newsletter, but as an example, cytokines from mothers’ milk are passed to their babies through breastmilk to help the infant’s immunities.

But it’s essential oils that we want to explain, so let us describe how they work as part of our own communication system:

Therapeutic essential oils (not from a factory) work in dozens of clever ways. They contain important ingredient parts known as Phenols, Sequiterpenes and Monoterpenes. Let’s call them PSM’s. Applied in a SkinLikes lotion they work together in a way like the clean-up (defrag) of a computer that’s not been working too well.P – first cleans the receptor sites.

S – deletes the bad info from cellular memory.

M – restores or awaken the correct information in the cells memory (DNA)

And, what’s the result of all of this?

Working in harmony with the human body at a cellular level, the interaction between the PSM’s allow the restriction and tightness of the muscles to stop and the sensory nerves stop sending messages to the brain. With the muscles relaxed, the feedback loop is broken and the nerve that is trapped becomes free. Normality returns as your skeleton floats back to where it should be, and after a while, you become pain-free.

It’s as simple as that – and especially so in cold winter weather – when back-pain symptoms can often be worse. Plant-based therapeutic essential oils, our clever messengers have done their job – and the magic is that never saw the inside of a factory, they grew first of all as a part of plant.

Any more advice on this subject?

If you have a specific problem or back-pain question, then get in touch – and we will be pleased to help. Working as we did at our clinics for nearly 20-years we have a whole host of knowledge to share with you. Taking the first step and investing in a bottle of Back Pain Knowledge may just change your life for the better – and forever.

Visit our shop today to find out more information on our products or to buy a bottle and see for yourself the difference it could make.