Breathing for life.

What can complementary medicine do to help?

In these difficult times, when our Government and the NHS are working so hard to keep us safe and our scientists search for a ‘cure’ to a horrible pandemic that has affected the whole world, we thought that it would be a good time to examine what complementary medicine has to offer, and to give you three options:

Before we start please note:

As with anything that we write, the first port-of-call for any medical problem is your own practitioner, but assuming that you have already taken advice, and have clearance to take part in some of the exercises mentioned here, we will continue with one note of caution. Breathing exercises can in some people make you dizzy; so, it is important that you are sitting somewhere safe, on a sofa or whatever. Never attempt any of these exercises while driving a car or other activity that demands your attention.

First: Doctor Sarfaraz Munshi

has shared his knowledge on the internet and from this, JK Rowling wrote in The Times newspaper yesterday that although she had not been tested for the Covid-19 virus, she had all of the symptoms. She went on to say “Please watch Doctor Sarfaraz Munshi from Queens Hospital, Essex demonstrating a technique to help respiratory symptoms. For the last two week’s I’ve had all the symptoms of C-19 and my husband suggested that the exercise suggested by this doctor could be worthwhile. As a result, I am fully recovered.”

Doctor Sarfaraz’s

YouTube video is excellent and can be found here:

Second: Wim Hof 

is an interesting man that we have watched on YouTube who goes under the pseudonym of The Iceman.  A Dutch extreme athlete, he is noted for his ability to withstand freezing temperatures where he has set world records for swimming under ice and other mad activities. However, we think that here is substance to some of what he does, especially his breathing exercise regime. As you can imagine from a man like this, it’s pretty tough – so before we go any further we would suggest that you first of all watch his safety video that can be found at This can then be followed by his guided breathing video that you will find at:

Third: Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

is fun. A lovely, gentle Indian man with a vast following, he speaks eloquently on a variety of subjects that we always find interesting. Sometimes we take on-board what he says and other times we gloss over, but in every webcast that we have listened to, there is always at least one grain of truth or wisdom.

In the link to his webcast, you will find a Yoga exercise to increase lung capacity and as he suggests, to boost immunity. You will find this at:

This breathing exercise is similar to Wim Hof’s but Yoga has been over the years taught and retaught by all sorts of people – and if you can see through the debris – as we always do, you too should be able to find a gem that suits you and your lifestyle.

Thank you for reading and absorbing.

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