There is little doubt that ‘beauty influencers’ have become more and more popular in recent years, and that what they say about any skincare product is reshaping the face of the beauty industry marketing. Some of these beauty influencers are currently the most powerful promoters in the world, especially when they write about a topic that really stirs your passions and sparks your imagination.

It helps when they have a vast knowledge and a genuine interest in what they are writing about, and that they do so in a way that’s unique to them. Whether you are 15 or 65 the product has to relate to you and the post has to be well-written, be it about skincare, healthcare or even personal mental care.

And so, it’s always with pride that we send samples to bloggers who write about our skincare products. Most of them are honest; a few are simply looking for free samples that we accept for what it is, but there is a bit of trepidation in that you never know what the person is going to write. Today though, we are pleased to receive the lovely comments from Sandra at Beauty Balm

Our self respect is based on honesty and integrity and Sandra is in the same camp as we are. She writes “Hi I’m Sandra and love beauty! I will mainly be blogging about beauty but also other things which interest me. All reviews are my own thoughts.” By writing as she does, we reckon that she knows that if you’re happy and healthy from the inside, it shows on your face.

SkinLikes isn’t a cosmetics company per se, as our company focus is more on health, but we are gaining a bigger foothold on what people (women mostly) put on their skin. We believe in ourselves and our products, as a result we are unique. We manufacture everything, that we make from scratch, utilising ingredients that we source from small, artisan suppliers that we trust, and have traded with for many years. We don’t have the resources or funds that most of competitors have the luxury of, but we use what we have wisely, and we are always searching for the next, best-ever, new invention.

Currently we have a fascial cleanser out for test with a number of customers who expressed an interest. Remarkably it was the most talked-about article that we have ever written, when we asked women to comment on what they thought about the awful ingredients that we had found in a whole host of cleansers made by others.

We expect to hear from all of our lovely customers with their feedback in the next week or so, and then we will formulate our final product. From there, we will, as always provide a product that is ‘value for money’ in a 150ml bottle, rather than the skimpy 30ml, or 50ml or so that we see in so many other skincare products these days. The product will be housed in a lovely dressing-table top, aluminium container with a dispenser that will allow you to squidge as much or as little as you need in your skin-cleaning regime. The aluminium of course as with all that we use is completely recyclable. More news on this product soon.

You can find out all about us and read other helpful articles at Our newsletter this week, is written by Sheila, but best wishes from all of the team at SkinLikes.

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