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Colds and flu and back-pain, do they go hand in hand?


Colds and flu and back-pain, do they go hand in hand? Everyone likes to see the snow – from a distance – but when temperatures drop, and roads and pavements get icy, this brings

Colds and flu and back-pain, do they go hand in hand?2020-03-03T21:52:46+00:00

Hands and Fingers are Important


Hands and Fingers are important We use our hands in a hundred different ways every day, and we just take it for granted. Cooking, making the bed, reading the newspaper, putting on make-up, typing

Hands and Fingers are Important2019-12-05T13:14:37+00:00

From Moss-Grove Natural Products To SkinLikes


From Moss-Grove Natural Products To SkinLikes Our Beginnings In 2008, we were established at our clinic in Glasgow where we specialised in treating people who suffered with back-pain and other musculo-skeletal problems. How we

From Moss-Grove Natural Products To SkinLikes2019-10-25T11:07:08+01:00

Treating Restless Legs and Muscle Cramps


Treating restless legs and muscle cramps Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a bit of a nuisance when all you want to do is to sleep peacefully. The continuous craving to move your legs in

Treating Restless Legs and Muscle Cramps2019-10-25T11:08:43+01:00

How To Fix Back Pain


How to fix Back Pain Years ago, our grandparents suffered with slipped disc. Today the buzz-word is sciatica. The cost to the nation is huge; indeed, one recent report in a national newspaper stated

How To Fix Back Pain2019-10-25T10:36:19+01:00

Save the Orangutan


Save the Orangutan Behind the scenes at SkinLikes we are working to produce what may be the world’s first and only, truly clean, organic self-tanning product. You may wonder why we would make such

Save the Orangutan2019-10-25T10:36:02+01:00

Tibetan Meditation & Planet Rock


Tibetan Meditation & Planet Rock If you don’t have blackout curtains in your bedroom, the chances are that on summer mornings such as we are having just now, the sun shines through the curtains

Tibetan Meditation & Planet Rock2019-10-25T10:35:35+01:00

Is Your Skin Tanned or Burned?


Is Your Skin Tanned or Burned? In the long hot summer days that we remember as children (even in the west of Scotland, where we are based), we spent much time playing on the

Is Your Skin Tanned or Burned?2019-10-25T10:35:16+01:00

Funding for New Machinery


Funding for New Machinery Jim & Sheila Ltd trading as SkinLikes are delighted to announce our grateful thanks for the financial support from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural

Funding for New Machinery2019-10-25T10:34:57+01:00