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Vitamin D in the fight against Covid-19


With the UK in the grip of a pandemic and public health measures that can reduce the risk of infection and death in addition to quarantines being desperately needed, we put out our post

Vitamin D in the fight against Covid-192020-10-30T16:36:29+00:00

Add Meditation to your Medication


Adding meditation to your medication The dominating principle for us at SkinLikes is health. It’s why we make our products with clean, organic ingredients. It’s a whole way of life that encapsulates everything we

Add Meditation to your Medication2020-10-11T14:57:12+01:00

Every hand is a helping hand


Every Hand is a Helping Hand Dear reader, In the healthcare / skincare industry, most products are manufactured using chemicals as the first choice, whereas we use nothing but clean and organic, ingredients. These

Every hand is a helping hand2020-10-05T16:10:25+01:00

Is linen best for face cleaning?


Is linen best for face cleaning?                         18 September 2020 We wrote in our newsletters on Monday and Wednesday (16th September 2020) that customers can no longer justify the negative impact that the textile industries

Is linen best for face cleaning?2020-09-18T14:46:29+01:00

Bamboo fabric – eco-friendly or what?


Bamboo fabric - eco-friendly or what? We write newsletters because our customers read them – and like us, care about our planet and what indeed we will leave behind us. We may be a

Bamboo fabric – eco-friendly or what?2020-09-16T15:59:39+01:00

Cotton Balls and Earth Extinction


What will we leave for our children? On Sunday evening (13/09/2020), we watched in horror as Sir David Attenborough and other eminent scientist on the BBC, in a programme entitled Extinction, explained how we have

Cotton Balls and Earth Extinction2020-09-14T15:08:32+01:00

Think Big – Shop Small


Think Big and Shop Small at SkinLikes – (and others like us). We reckon that it is more important than ever just now, to think and shop more local, by supporting businesses you know

Think Big – Shop Small2020-09-06T13:07:13+01:00

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