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Add Meditation to your Medication

Adding meditation to your medication The dominating principle for us at SkinLikes is health. It’s why we make our products with clean, organic ingredients. It’s a whole

Every hand is a helping hand

Every Hand is a Helping Hand Dear reader, In the healthcare / skincare industry, most products are manufactured using chemicals as the first choice, whereas we use

Is linen best for face cleaning?

Is linen best for face cleaning?                         18 September 2020 We wrote in our newsletters on Monday and Wednesday (16th September 2020) that customers can no longer justify

Cotton Balls and Earth Extinction

What will we leave for our children? On Sunday evening (13/09/2020), we watched in horror as Sir David Attenborough and other eminent scientist on the BBC, in

Think Big – Shop Small

Think Big and Shop Small at SkinLikes – (and others like us). We reckon that it is more important than ever just now, to think and shop

Is your deodorant a breast cancer risk?

Is your deodorant a breast cancer risk? Numerous studies have shown that exposure to toxic chemicals (parabens and aluminium chlorohydrate) may be related to allergic reactions and

Why we don’t sell on Amazon

Why we don't sell on Amazon Our Employees: Everyone who works at SkinLikes is an individual who cares. We never force a smile – ours are real.

Face Cleanser – bad news for fish

Face Cleanser - bad news for fish in the sea? We were appalled recently to read the labels on some facial cleansers. So we thought that we would

A 5-minute reflection

A 5 Minute Reflection Just over a year ago our Head of Research and Product Development Jim met with Sarah McKenzie to talk about our brand in

Share a free After-Sun

Share a free After-Sun If you would like to take advantage of our offer of a free bottle of our wonderful After-Sun, then simply order two bottles

The mysterious link between skin and gut

The mysterious link between skin and gut Fruit and vegetables contain powerful antioxidants that help protect the skin from cellular damage caused by free radicals, and we

Moisturising is the name of the game!

Moisturising is the name of the game. Moisturising is the name of the game when it comes to looking after your skin, but it’s a mind-boggling challenge for

Sharing laughter – not wrinkles

Sharing laughter - not wrinkles. In one of the family’s strongest bonds, mothers and daughters share facial expressions that can turn into mimic wrinkles  - or didn't you know?

“Just wanted to let you know I have ordered 2 more bottles of muscle ease. I have ‘planter faciitis’ which is very painful. By rubbing into sole and heel as well as lower leg every day I can walk without pain. I also use joint ease for other pains.”

June Strachan • Kent

“Although I don’t have to use your Joint and Muscle Ease lotions daily, they are a godsend for easing the aches and pains of gardening, housework, decorating and other heavy jobs. A must for the first aid box.”

Eileen Browse • Wallasey

“Thanks for the Joint Ease and Muscle Ease lotions and for the information about back pain that you sent me. My job and way of life allows that much like most farmers I have to work hard, often bent over feeding cattle or whatever. Over the years my back pain has just got worse and worse. My doctor gave me nothing but pills. Now I find that by applying your Joint Ease up my spine and the Muscle ease generally on my lower back and the cheeks of my buttocks and backs of my legs (that also get sore) I can live a fairly normal and pain-free life. Thanks for this and for your great products.”

Jock Valance • Farmer

“Just to say that I could not sleep because of the pain in my hip. I bought some Joint-Ease last week and have applied it twice a day. It’s terrific. I can now sleep at night without pain. Thanks so much.”

Mrs Bromiley • Sunderland

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