Adding meditation to your medication

The dominating principle for us at SkinLikes is health. It’s why we make our products with clean, organic ingredients. It’s a whole way of life that encapsulates everything we do or say or eat or think, or indeed apply to our skin. It’s a way of life, and when all added together, it makes us what we are.

There are many facets to being human and we can’t write about all of them in this article, so today, given that it’s a bigger problem for many of us in isolation, and it’s certainly under the microscope in this current world crisis, we will write about mental health and what we may be able do to help ourselves.

The only certainty in life is death. It’s a fact. What happens after we die is anyone’s guess. Nobody has ever come back to tell what happens and it has always puzzled us as to why this is. After all, what is out there in the great big universe that stretches out millions of miles in all directions? Scientists have found (so they say) a black hole where creation began. But we are sorry, we have to laugh – the start of creation? Where’s the proof. It’s a bit like saying that the earth is flat, men never landed on the moon, Methuselah was 969 when he died.  It’s all been made up as a news story – or is it?

As we travel through life our parents will pass on at some time. They will transition into the universe, back to where they came from, or indeed to wherever you believe that we go to. Some will say that after you die, nothing happens. But to us, this is illogical. Who made us? Where did Earth come from? How did mankind evolve? It’s all subjective and in real terms, as there is no proof of anything, none of us can speak with certainty.

As healers working at our clinic (in Glasgow) we practiced a therapy developed by an Australian chap known as Tom Bowen. How he himself found and developed the therapy is a mystery. The records are few and have over the years been manipulated by others for their own gain. However, to us he was a miracle-maker. His therapy is so simple, yet it worked by placing the hands on the body and moving the trigger points on muscles that had gone into spasm, and releasing them. It’s clever stuff and something that the NHS should have incorporated long ago, but Big Pharma has a say in everything to do with health and would rather sell us a pill. The pill may, if you are lucky, calm the pain, but it won’t address the problem, whereas the therapy that we practiced did. More often than not, the pain after a day or so, disappeared and it didn’t come back again.

So, by using the fingers we could make people better? Strange but true. The same applies to our skincare and healthcare lotions where many happy customers have written to us to tell their stories about back-pain and other muscle pains that disappear after application of Back Pain Knowledge ( We have similar stories about all of our products, but the question is the same – why by using such simple ingredients, are they effective and indeed, how do they work?

Some day we will write a book about all that we have found and explain in detail all that we know; but for now, let’s just accept that by applying hands to muscles or lotions to skin, microscopically and magically it sends a message to our brain and the brain within us changes everything – for the better. It’s mental health and perhaps it’s more important than any another form of health? The question that comes out of this is this – can we help our own mental health?

Most things in life happen by chance (so it would seem?) and on one of those days we were introduced to a therapist. She told us of the writings of a lady (Louise Hay) and she suggested that we should listen to her on YouTube where there are lots of her recordings. Louise passed away at the age of 90 in 2017, but she left a terrific legacy including several self-help books. Her podcasts include ones for getting to sleep in the evenings and others for setting you up after awakening in the morning. In a way, it’s a sort of meditation; not the intense sort to be found in a Buddhist temple, but a simple version that any of us can do.

We had never heard of anything like this, but we were fascinated, and so in the weeks that followed we listened as often as we could to her and soon began to realise that by calming our minds, many of the problems in our lives simply disappeared. In the process of listening to Louise, she spoke about Abraham Hicks and it piqued our interest. Abraham as it turned out wasn’t a man, but a woman with many, many excellent podcasts of her own, also to be found on YouTube. All of them are focussed on mental health and in this, in her own way, she speaks about and encourages us to consider and accept the Law of Attraction (LoA).

You’ve most likely heard the sayings” like attracts like,” and “birds of a feather flock together,” or “a belief is only a thought that you keep thinking.” These are words that align with LoA. It’s a principle that has been written about since writings were first recorded. Speculation surrounds when Homer was born and it could have been anything between 750 and 1200BC, but he wrote The Iliad and the Odyssey, two epic poems; the basis for Greek education and culture – and the beginnings of the writings about the Law of Attraction – if that is that we can believe everything written in scripture and hand-me-downs over the centuries.

However, it would seem that there is more to support the facts about the LoA through the centuries. The Buddha reputedly said that our thoughts make us what we are. Thomas Troward in the 19th century wrote that we cannot really think one way and act another. Louise Hay and Esther and Jerry Hicks (Abraham) in the 20thcentury have the advantage over all previous writers by using social media and other methods for ‘spreading the gospel’ as they see it. Nonetheless, the story and the theme has remained as is through thousands of years, and speaking as it does about mental health – it has we think, great value for our own.

The company (Hay House Publications) look after Louise’s estate, and have books and other items that you can buy, and they look after her podcasts. If you subscribe (for free) to Abraham, she will send you a daily (thoughtful) message and you can sign up for more treats that she has to offer, but what she has for free on YouTube is terrific.

Nonetheless, the point in all this is that prior to meeting with our therapist we didn’t pay much other than a glance at the LoA or the benefits to mental health that it can (for free) give to every one of us. But now we are converts. It’s a part of our daily lives.

However, if all of this is new to you and you are confused by any of what we write and have questions, then feel free to contact us by e-mail or post or telephone and we will be happy to help. Then you too, can be the same person both physically and mentally as we are today. If anyone who reads this in paper form does not have a computer, then we will be pleased to assist in other ways.

We hope that this helps.

Jim and Sheila the team at SkinLikes.


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