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Where it all began

Meet Jim and Sheila!

Jim: My work in complementary medicine has instilled a desire to help my fellow human being and in this, to leave our planet Earth a better place that we found it. The creation of the very best, unique, well-researched, organic skincare that will assist rather than hinder the skin, is my aim.

Sheila: I was introduced to aromatherapy and the use of essential oil is in 1990, and was amazed by the powerful effect on body, mind and spirit, and have used them ever since. The ‘SkinLikes’ brand is my passion as it uses only pure organic ingredients from nature, which is important to everyone when absorbed by the skin, to enhance their health.

Jim and Sheila

2000 – Jim and Sheila set up a clinic in Glasgow where we specialised in treating people who suffered with back-pain and other musculo-skeletal problems. We were experts in our trade, using knowledge we had gained by working and studying in Australia some years earlier. Our education in anatomy & physiology allow us to fully understand the inner workings and the outer protective layer (the skin) of human beings.

2008 – by 2008, our clinic was well established with a good reputation. We decided to start selling skincare products to our clients. Looking at other products on the market, we were puzzled by why they contained so many chemicals and ingredients with unpronounceable names. We decided we would develop our own skincare range using only clean, organic ingredients that were pure and effective.

2014 – we made the decision that scientific research was the only way to achieve our aims, and so our journey over four years began at Aberdeen University. Following research at Robert Gordon’s, Glasgow Caledonian and West of Scotland Universities, we were armed with the technological knowledge that allows us to produce products to a very high specification – and without the use of dreadful chemicals to be found in so many things used by human kind.

2016 – SkinLikes launch! Our clinic was great, and we had a tremendous following, but by 2016 we decided to close our clinic and focus all of our energy on selling clean, organic skincare products under the SkinLikes name.

Our Mission & Values

Your skin tells your story, and our products provide you with the means to tell it proudly. We are the skincare of life. Our mission is to be the cleanest, most effective brand in skincare.

Just like our ingredients, our values are simple and pure:

Creative innovation: through years of perfection, we are at one with nature and have complete belief in what we do. We are unique and unwilling to compromise on the very best for your skin.

Honesty: respectability for our customers is the practical and moral reason that pervades everything we do. Customer satisfaction, quality and value for money is our priority.

Green: all of our ingredients are cleanly and ethically gathered by fair means. Most are harvested from plants that have spent their life growing in the open-air. The aroma from our products comes from the fields in which they are grown. We use purified, soft Scottish water that is so good for the skin. Moreover, all of our bottles are fully recyclable.

Skin friendly: all of our products are manufactured with the best and purest ingredients. That means you can be assured your skin is being taken care of. What’s more, the pH of our products is around the same of that of skin (5.5), which allows us to protect your skin and its health.

It all started with Mother Nature

So many skincare products these days contain chemicals and mysterious ingredients whose effects on us and our health are difficult to understand. Our skin is the largest organ in the body with several important functions. It is our protective covering acting as a barrier against environmental damage. The sensation of pain is generated by receptors in it. The nervous system, responsible for the sense of touch, the sense of pain, temperature sensing, are contained in the epidermis (outer) layer. Skin is critically important to our survival. In a way, it is a thousand open mouths waiting to absorb what you put on it. This is why it is important for us to think carefully about what we use on our skin.

SkinLikes products are manufactured with just a few, well-chosen ingredients. All of which are clean and fully traceable from origin to customer. These are the result of collaborative research that has allowed us to access and examine areas of science critical to what we see as being important to skin care and to our planet. Our philosophy, from the very beginning has been to be open and honest about our products, and our ingredients that are plant-based, organic, good to skin and to the environment.

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Mrs B, Grantham: “Just wanted to let you know I have ordered 2 more bottles of Muscle-Ease. Thanks for such a lovely product that in so-many ways has held me.”

Sheila W, Bristol: “This is a delightful cleanser to use, so soft and creamy and my skin feels quite silky after cleansing. I must admit that I do use my fingers to apply cleansers and am happy to ash it of in the mornings when I shower. However, I only use tissues at night to cleanse off, followed by a toner. I also think it’s a good idea to have the product in a lotion pump (I think you know that I am a fan of that system as I like using the Muscle Ease lotion that way).” 

Richard M, Hull: “I waited a while after receiving your sample before providing my reply so that I could test the product properly.
I find that it doesn’t irritate my skin. It leaves me looking more fresh, like you have lived in your skin – if you know what I mean.” 

June Strachan • Kent

“Although I don’t have to use your Joint and Muscle-Ease lotions daily, they are a godsend that allow me to garden, do the housework; even decorating and other heavy jobs. A must for every household.”

Eileen Browse • Wallasey

“Thanks for the Joint-Ease and Muscle-Ease lotions and for the information that you sent me. My job and way of life allows that much like most farmers I have to work hard, often bent over feeding cattle or whatever. Over the years my life has just got worse and worse. Now I find that by applying your Joint-Ease and Muscle-Ease liberally in lots of places,  I can live a fairly normal life. My grateful thanks for this and for your great products.”

Jock Valance • Farmer

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