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About SkinLikes

Skin friendly pH that honestly protects you and our planet

Philosophy: Customer satisfaction, quality and value for money is our priority.

Beliefs: Our principals are as simple as our pure ingredients that allow us to provide the most effective products you can buy.

Honesty: Respectability for our customers is the practical and moral reason that pervades everything that we do.

Ingredients: These are cleanly and ethically gathered by fair means. Most are harvested from plants that have spent their life growing in the open-air, in a field.

Skin friendly pH: The pH of our products is around the pH of the skin which is 5.5. This allows us to help you protect your skin and keep it as healthy as it can be.

Customers: By making an emotional investment in our products and enjoying the benefits, our customers return to us time and time again.

It all started with Mother Nature

So many skincare products these days contain chemicals that have mysterious ingredients and understanding why manufacturers include them in their products, and indeed understanding what they are doing to us, is a complex question that few of us are able to answer. But the skin is the largest organ in the body and has several important functions, not least it’s our protective covering. In a way, it is a thousand open mouths waiting to absorb what you put on it, and for this very important reason, we all should think very carefully about what we use on our skin – and why.

SkinLikes products are manufactured with just a few, well-chosen ingredients. All are clean and fully traceable from origin to customer. Most (but not all) are organic. Many are food-grade, which gives us the philosophy that (in theory) if you can eat them, then you can surely and safely put them on your skin. The fragrances that we use that give our products their aroma come from the plant-based therapeutic essential oils that we use. None of them are manufactured in a factory.

Collaborative research has allowed us to access and examine areas of science critical to what we see as being important to skin-care and to our planet. After all, there is never any use in developing a product that is full of dubious chemicals born in a factory. Our intention thus from the very beginning was to be open and honest and wherever possible to use ingredients that are clean, organic and plant-based. In this, we had to prove that these ingredients had the potential that we thought that they would have. Understanding the skins physiology and the unique capabilities of the ingredients that we use, allows us to be open and honest with our customers.

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“Just wanted to let you know I have ordered 2 more bottles of Muscle-Ease. Thanks for such a lovely product that in so-many ways has held me.”

June Strachan • Kent

“Although I don’t have to use your Joint and Muscle-Ease lotions daily, they are a godsend that allow me to garden, do the housework; even decorating and other heavy jobs. A must for every household.”

Eileen Browse • Wallasey

“Thanks for the Joint-Ease and Muscle-Ease lotions and for the information that you sent me. My job and way of life allows that much like most farmers I have to work hard, often bent over feeding cattle or whatever. Over the years my life has just got worse and worse. Now I find that by applying your Joint-Ease and Muscle-Ease liberally in lots of places,  I can live a fairly normal life. My grateful thanks for this and for your great products.”

Jock Valance • Farmer