A 5 Minute Reflection

Just over a year ago our Head of Research and Product Development Jim met with Sarah McKenzie to talk about our brand in the “5 minutes with” series. We thought now would be the perfect time to reflect on everything we have achieved over the past year, the challenges we have overcome and our direction for the future.

Our philosophy and influences remain the same – unlike many skin care products that contain an array of confusing and hard-to-pronounce chemicals; we wanted to create products that were clean, pure and effective. We use only sustainable food-grade and organic ingredients, coming from plants on land or in the sea.

Last year the most challenging aspect of bringing our products into the organic industry was finding ingredients that would allow creams and lotions to combine successfully whilst also adhering to our ethos. Since then we have made great progress in finding the perfect ingredients and we are proud to say that everything is made with minimalist ingredients, none of which are man-made. It´s fair to say we have dealt with this challenge extremely well, but we won´t stop there, we still continue to strive to develop products that are good for you and good for the planet. Our mission isn’t over!

A Clean, Green Machine

Clean, green, organic, eco-friendly – all of these are in our genes here at SkinLikes. One of our key goals last year was to eliminate all plastic from our products and packaging. Now, we can gladly tell you that four of our products (Joint-Ease, Persian Silk, Back Pain Knowledge and Skin-Repair) come in tubes manufactured from sugar cane rather than oil. This means they are completely recyclable and good for the environment. Unfortunately, Corona Virus has interrupted the delivery of these tubes, but we are hopeful they will get back on stream quickly and we can begin to look at the rest of our range.

This year the greatest challenge facing us has been our pursuit to grow SkinLikes into becoming a household name. Of course, Corona Virus has imposed many challenges on us all and has added extra activity to this task, but we remain positive. Every day SkinLikes grows, our current customers love the products and we have a massive loyal following. We are certain by demonstrating our passion for organic skin care and the brilliance of our products we will become more popular and more recognisable.

That’s a lot of talk of challenges – let´s think about all of our amazing achievements and our vision for the future! We have worked so hard testing and researching, trying to develop the best product possible and we are so proud of the development of our Persian Silk Hydration Moisturiser. All of the ingredients are completely natural, they are gentle on the skin and its quick absorption leaves you feeling great. The blend of therapeutic essential oils and natural, luxurious scents have outstanding moisturising properties which means your skin will be hydrated, soft and glowing. It has been quite the accomplishment and many of our customers rave about it. It is just divine.

We love us, we love you!

We are often asked why we love the SkinLikes brand. The answer is quite simply really. We are so passionate about what we do that we put our heart and souls into everything. We are innovative – always searching for the best ingredients and thinking of the best products. We listen – to our gut and to our customers, we never stop thinking about how we can improve and the possibility of creating new products that will help our customers. Finally, we care so much about our customers and the planet, always offering them the best advice and the best products but doing so in a way that may just alleviate some of the pressures on our overcrowded and overworked planet.

Our SkinLikes community is the best! From those who have ordered over 50 times to first-time-triers, we love to feed their skin with our products and hear from them – be it on the phone, through email or on Facebook. We can´t wait for our amazing band to grow!

Thinking about the future

SkinLikes´ future is an exciting one. We see it as being an innovative, honest and clever brand that we know and trust. We have so much to look forward to but something that is really lighting a fire in our bellies right now is the thought of taking our products through the registration process at the MHRS (medicines and health regulatory). This will mean that we can claim officially all of the health benefits we know SkinLikes´ products contain (sadly legally we can´t yet) but that should all change in a few months. How exciting!

There is so much on the cards for SkinLikes, and we know that with our passion, drive and our amazing following of customers, we can do amazing things with our brand, to people´s skin and to our planet.