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Clean, organic skincare

In harmony with your body, we use pure Scottish, soft water from our rivers and lochs and food-grade and organic ingredients that come from plants and some that are harvested from the sea. None are animal-derived. All are sustainable.

You avoid artificial substances that interfere with hormone function and petrochemicals that can lead to skin ageing and damage.

Save the Orangutan is our motto. Far too many of Earths innocent creatures have been killed and rain-forest destroyed to build plantations that produce Palm Oil. We cannot be any part of something that is so harmful.

The key to a happy life from a skincare point of view, is to know that you are using something that won’t harm you. Self-awareness is your ability to see yourself as separate from your environment and to make sensible choices. It’s why you are visiting our website. Thanks for this.

Every product explains what we use and why, but if you have any questions, please get in touch. Our ingredients are vegan and we are happy to help if vegetarianism is your preference. It’s just what we do.

Clean, Pure and Effective Products

A temple of religion to skincare


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