Clean, pure and effective organic products

We try to make all of our products from as few ingredients as possible. Our deodorant as an example, contains: purified Scottish water, xanthan gum (food-grade), citric acid (food-grade), a blend of organic, plant-based, therapeutic essential oils and nothing else.

Our products are clean, pure and effective and use organic carrier oils and organic essential oils as the active ingredients. We are in the process of making application to COSMO for organic status for all of our products, but until this process is complete, we must make it clear that while proportionally we use a high amount of organic ingredients in everything we use, we do not claim organic status until this have been approved by COSMO.

Cosmetic Ingredient Review www.cir-safety.org review and assess the safety of our ingredients used in cosmetics in an open, and unbiased and expert manner, and publish the results in peer-reviewed scientific literature. All of the ingredients that we use can be found in reviews on this site.

Clean, Pure and Effective Products

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